This Tattoo Artist’s Colorful Designs Prove Tatts Can Be Cute AF
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This Tattoo Artist’s Colorful Designs Prove Tatts Can Be Cute AF

Our latest #tattooercrush Ann Lilya (aka @ann_lilya) uses bright colors and playful designs to make bodies into actual works of art. Her colorful cartoons are life-like and lovely. In fact, even if you’re not obsessed with tats — or if you can’t make it to her Belarus studio — you’ll probably be pinning her pieces and wishing they could decorate both your bedroom and your bod. Take a peek and you’ll feel like someone took all of your classroom doodles and made them out-of-this-world awesome.

1. Lion King: This bright and beautiful lion is what happens when the Disney channel grows up and gets inked.

2. Sweet Skull: Who says a skull has to be scary? Playful pastels make this one anything but.

3. Blank Space: Taylor Swift would love this anything-but-basic blank space tat. Plus, it’s the perfect way to show off your favorite color in a seamless and simple way.

4. Mystic Moon: Ann Lilya makes this fairytale classic come to life, creating the ultimate happily-every-after tattoo for any burgeoning inked princesses.

5. Oh Deer: If you’re not ready for a tattoo quite yet, you can always commit to this adorable deer painting that looks like Bambi at Coachella.

6. Unicorn Alien: Who said your dreams can’t become a reality? If you believe enough, even unicorn aliens exist in outer space.

7. The Lovely Lioness: This cute and kitschy lion is channeling a technicolor version of SimbaAnd it’s a perfect precursor to a full sleeve.

8. Horsing Around: This horse tattoo combines the most beautiful blues and pinks and just the right amount of whimsy

9. Dainty Deer: This colorful cutie is so intricate and detailed that it seriously belongs in the MoMA.

10. Lion’s Tongue: The vibrant colors here might not match every item of clothing you own, but they’ll *make* every outfit you wear.

11. Mountain Moon: The combination of colors and perfect placement here will have you wearing bikinis even in the middle of winter.

Which tat are you loving? Any other tattoo artists we should know about or feature in this series? Let us know in the comments below!

(Photos via @ann_lilya)