When it came to the Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris breakup, things seemed to be friendly between the two (even if we were all totally heartbroken). But now some serious drama seems to be brewing, and we’re watching it all play out over social media. As news AND PICS flooded the Internet of Tay kissing possible new boyfriend, Tom Hiddleston (the two were also spotted back in May dancing together at the Met Gala), there are signs that things have gotten totally chilly between Taylor and ex, Calvin.

Taylor Swift

The pair — who just broke up a few weeks ago — have both deleted pics of each other from their Instagram accounts, which is the Internet generation’s signal that things are definitely over (and also, maybe not very friendly).

Fans were quick to notice the missing pics on both ends.

Signs that Calvin might be a not-too-pleased ex? In addition to deleting their photos together, he also unfollowed Tay on Twitter and deleted a Tweet he’d written stating that all was well between them post-split.

Here’s to hoping all hearts are mended, and no hard feelings are left behind.

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(h/t Cosmopolitan, photos via Mark Davis/Getty)