While we definitely love our coffee (mmm, coffee!), we enthusiastically feel that tea is an equally awesome bevvie option. Not to mention, it’s incredibly versatile! Boozy iced tea cocktails take us happily through the hotter months while memory-boosting tea continues to blow our minds. Tea can also be the perfect thing if you’re looking to relax. And if you’re looking to really relax, you may want to try out kava tea. Kava not only chills you out, it also gives you kind of a boozy buzz… and makes your tongue go numb.

Offered at Brooklyn Kava, this isn’t your normal Earl Grey or chamomile. A popular beverage in Oceania, this tea option hails from Fiji — and while some countries like Tonga and Samoa value it for its cultural importance, over here it’s finding fans with those who are looking to indulge in a tongue-numbing high.

Currently totally legal in the US, it only takes one cup of the bitter tea to work its magic. The good people over at Gizmodo gave it a try and described it as a cold-brewed, coffee-like taste, but also said that the bitterness dissipates as a feeling of numbness takes over your tongue. Supposedly, then, you’re left with a light cannabis-like high. Mellow city.

If you don’t love bitter flavors, don’t worry — Brooklyn Kava does its best to reduce any bitterness by mixing in yummy flavors like strawberry, lemon, honey, coconut cream, grapefruit juice and/or mint.

Note: If you’re on meds, consult your doc before trying kava tea. Also, don’t mix it with alcohol. And really, from the sound of this stuff, you should just be careful anyway. And, er, enjoy!

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(h/t Gizmodo)