At-home workouts can be a great alternative to pricey gym fees and crowded classes. But the bulky weights, neon bands and massive inflatable balls can totally cramp our living room style. That’s why the folks at Lunar have dedicated their craft to transforming unattractive exercise equipment into innovative and stunning pieces that seamlessly fit in right at home. And while there are countless products from their collection to wax poetic about, we’re focusing on our favorite today: Tera.

Tera is an exercise mat that doubles as a handsome rug. Wrapped in premium, eco-friendly wool, Tera looks like something you’d expect to find at West Elm or Restoration Hardware. But it’s unlike any other pretty rug you’ve ever seen because there’s much more to its minimalistic print than meets the eye.

Remember the good old days of Twister? Well, Tera is like that. Only, in place of colorful dots, there are attractive little icons that light up across the rug, and instead of using a spinning wheel to tell you where to put your hands and feet, Tera guides you in challenging workouts via a specially designed app.

The wear- and slip-resistant rug is stocked with tiny sensors that register when pressure is exerted onto it, so it can accurately detect your body and weight movements. And after your workout, you can analyze the data and even share it on your social media networks.

From yoga and Pilates to capoeira and Zumba, Tera’s app will instruct you in a number of different workouts. In addition to the LED lights on the rug, you can also watch instructional videos on the app to make sure you’re positioning yourself correctly.

Before you start pulling out your credit card — there’s no official word on when the Tera will go to market, but if it’s any indication of where at-home exercise equipment is headed, move over, clunky Bosu balls and ab gliders. The future of our living room gym is bright and beautiful.

Would you get a Tera for your home? Tell us what your favorite at-home exercise equipment is in the comments below.