So you’ve got an outrageously colorful couch picked out, but how exactly will you fit it into your interior design scheme? Here are 12 inspiring ideas for infusing all the color you want into a chic living room.

1. Danish Colors and Patterns: Kind of obsessed with the hot pink fork and knife on the walls here in this one.

2. Accent Pillows: Can’t quite go for the new-colorful-couch investment? Use accent pillows to liven up any existing space.

3. Small, Colorful, and Funky: Just because you live in a small space doesn’t mean you need to go with the all white aesthetic. Define nooks and crannies throughout your apartment with rich, colorful textiles.

4. Serene in Ibiza: Not everything in Ibiza is about a party. This cabin-inspired interior manages to be cozy and beachy all at the same time.

5. Pop Furniture: Bold pieces of pop color furniture give this somewhat dark interior a bright and cheerful vibe.

6. Neon Textiles: You know we can’t get enough of NEON. Love all the patterns and prints in this room.

7. Eclectic Collection: For folks who love to collect odds and ends, let this bright room inspire you.

8. A Painter’s Home: Bold hues and a ridiculously rich color palette are an obvious sign that a painter lives here.

9. So Summery: Love the seaside vibes of this airy but still color-packed room.

10. Bright and Cheery: Speaking of summertime and sun, we love how this living room takes style cues from the flora outside.

11. Purple Palette: Try choosing one color as your alpha shade, and work all your home’s design details around it.

12. Art Wall: An instant way to add color to any room? Art on the walls!

How do you had personality and color to your living room? Talk to us in the comments below.