It seems like a lot of really important pillars of our lives are turning 30 this year. Sixteen Candles? 30. MAC Makeup and The original Apple Mac? 30! Katy Perry? 30 in October, yo! And today’s special birthday? Tetris!

“We all have an inherent desire to create order out of chaos–whether in playing a game or packing the trunk of your car. No matter where the game is played or brand is celebrated, there will always be Tetris.” — Blue Planet CEO, Maya Rogers

This iconic block-building game has influenced countless designers, whether they’re making games, drawings or clothes. To celebrate, we’ve rounded up 15 ways to get our game on.

1. Tetris Desk Lamp ($40): First up, we’ve featured this awesome lamp about a dozen times on the site… and here it is again. We still need one at Brit HQ!

2. Tetris Leggings ($14): These. Are. Amazing.

3. C’mon Tetris Print ($22): C’mon! Such a silly and lovely print.

4. Tetris Sticky Notes ($12): Yes, sticky notes CAN be innovated.

5. I Never Fit In T-Shirt ($22): You can fit in with us dear Tetris piece!

6. Tetris Magnet Set ($6): Way cooler than Magnetic Poetry, don’t you think?

7. Block Game Print Set ($119): Created by the design team at Brit + Co, it should be no surprise what inspired these blocky prints.

8. The Tetris Bookshelf: Whoa. How crazy is this art-meets-bookshelf?

9. Tetris Cookie Cutters ($10): You’ll have to try really hard to resist the urge to play with your food when it comes to these Tetris cookies.

10. Patterned Tetris Throw Pillow Cover ($20): Patterns and Tetris? It’s like this was made for chic geeks.

11. Retro Gamer Swimsuit (no longer available): I know the words “no longer available” are causing you to shed a single tear at your desk right now, but you can still swoon over this awesome suit.

12. Tetris Table: Okay so basically this roundup is also serving as a things-we-need-at-Brit-HQ list… which just goes to show how relevant Tetris will always be.

13. Tetris People Wall Clock ($30): Tetris people! Or… your next group Halloween costume.

14. Tetris Heat Changing Mug ($10): The Tetris pieces move based on how hot your coffee is!

15. Tetris Cake with Macarons: And finally, macarons get the Tetris treatment atop this yummy chocolate cake. (via Raspberri Cupcakes)

Do you still play Tetris? What’s your favorite old school game? Talk to us in the comments below.