To say it’s been an interesting year for Apple would be a huge understatement. Not only did people freak out over the iPhone 7 losing the headphone jack, but now the new Macbooks are having battery problems too.

So when it came time to write their annual “Best Of” lists for 2016 (including music, podcasts, movies and apps), the Apple editorial team definitely decided to play it low key. From a quickie photo editing app to a mindfulness must-download, here are the 10 apps that Apple selected as the best of 2016.


1. Prisma: This photo editing app is quicker than editing in Instagram, and the results are stunning. It transforms your photos into pieces of art using the styles of famous artists (think Munk, Picasso, etc.). Basically, it’s a one-stop shop for a cooler Insta feed.

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2. MSQRD: While Snapchat filters might be all the rage, this cool mask and effect app might just be the next great trend. Whether you want to turn yourself into a panda or swap your face with a zombie, MSQRD can transform you into just about anything. Heck, you can even broadcast yourself live on Facebook while wearing one of your fave masks… because chatting with your squad is much better when you’re dressed up like an astronaut, right?

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3. Quartz: We all want to stay connected and informed, but with so many different news sites out there, it can be tough to find the right balance between choosing something fast and something reliable. That’s why we love Quartz. It’s a news bot that texts you current events that you actually want to know. It’s kind of like talking to the most informed person you know and, yes, we’re obsessed.

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4. Vogue: It’s no secret that Vogue has been slaying the fashion game for years, but what makes their app earn a coveted spot on the App Store’s 2016 hot list is a combination of great content AND fabulously designed software. Not only can you easily view stories, videos, photos and more, but you can even save the stories you would like to come back to later and read them offline. Fashion doesn’t sleep, peeps!

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5. Meditation Studio: Getting your ohm on has been super popular in 2016, so it’s no surprise that a meditation app made the App Store’s list. With over 200 guided meditations based on everything from your goals to workplace-specific meditations (AKA sessions for moms, veterans and first responders), this cool app is definitely on our to-download list.

DL It: $2.69 on Android and $3.99 on iOS


6. Detour: If you thought the GPS app hasn’t changed since the ability to download maps offline, think again. This innovative app won’t show you a detailed map — instead, it uses only audio to guide you through a selection of up-and-coming cities. AKA, you can finally stop looking down at your screen and start enjoying the view.

DL It: Free on Android and iOS


7. Credit Karma: Since we’ve all had that awkward conversation with a friend or parent asking what the heck our credit score is, this app is definitely a no brainer for Millennials. In order to make our financial life a smidgen easier, Credit Karma invented a cool app which gives you your credit score hassle-free just by adding a little information. No gimmicks — it’s really that simple.

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8. Glasses by Warby Parker: This app is a huge hit in the YouTube community (Warby Parker’s collab with Tyler Oakley just went mega viral). Not only can you shop their chic frames directly on the app, but you can also order their home try-on service to try five frames for free without getting out of your PJs. Lazy gals, rejoice!

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9. Hyper: With YouTube pumping out nearly 300 hours of content per minute, this app is definitely a must. Basically, the app hand-selects one video per hour and delivers it right to your phone. It’s simple, but you’ll love it.

DL It: Free on iOS


10. TinyCards: If you want to learn something new in 2017, you have to download this app ASAP. From the folks that brought us Duolingo, Tinycards is a new app which challenges you to memorize anything using a selection of playing cards. You can use their own decks or create your own, so it’s perfect for both studying for finals and finally learning your state capitals.

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