When Apple announced their new MacBooks, they were probably expecting people to be stoked — but not everyone has happy feelings about the new gadget. Many are waiting until a less prototype-y (and less expensive) version comes out, and Microsoft is even paying people not to use MacBooks. Yikes.

It seems like the dissenters may actually have something though: The new models have reportedly not been living up to their promise of a great battery life. Unless you’d call three hours of battery life left while browsing the web at 95-percent battery “great.” We definitely wouldn’t. Just take a look at these complaints that have been pouring in:

The fancy-schmancy laptops are seriously underperforming, especially considering all the trouble Apple went to saying how they optimized everything to ensure great battery life.

Lightroom isn’t exactly “light” use, but even so, it definitely shouldn’t be killing the battery in a measly three hours.

OOOH burn. Your move, Apple.

Worried and sad student female searching information in a laptop on line in a desk at home room

It sounds like it’s mainly the models which are Touch Bar enabled, but users, or Apple for that matter, can’t figure out whether it’s software- or hardware-related. Many people are frustrated enough to have exchanged or simply just returned their MacBooks. Apple is reportedly looking into it, but we have yet to hear an official statement. If you’re in the market for a new laptop, we’d suggest holding off if you can.

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(h/t The Next Web, photos via Apple + AntonioGuillem/Getty)