Can you believe that January is over?! How are those resolutions coming along? Still bummed about the 49ers not making it to the big game? Well, whatever your current state of being is we know one thing for sure: there is something weird, beautiful, or innovative on this list just for you. Enjoy!

1. A Typographic Treatment of Ira Glass’ Iconic Quote: We’re big fans of Ira Glass’ words on Storytelling, and we’ve actually seen a video treatment of his iconic discussion of “the gap” when it comes to creative work before. This is another beautiful piece of animated typography, and reminds us to keep going even when the creative going gets tough.

2. Pencil Sharpenings and Popcorn: Who knew how many forms a piece of popcorn or a pencil sharpening could take on? Artist Victor Nunes certainly knew, and takes on rubber bands, walnuts, pecans, cashews, and all sorts of everyday objects in this playful drawing series.

3. Say Cheese Instant Slicer ($10): It’s a cheese slicer that looks like an old school Polaroid camera. What more is there to know?

4. Family Takes the Same Photo for 20 Years: Now this is a project that takes some serious planning and commitment, and we’re super into it. Maybe the brand new babies of Brit + Co. should tell their parents about this.

5. Egg Rugg ($60): When it comes to egg love, we don’t yolk around. PS Your dad called, he wants his pun back ;)

6. emPOWERED Charging Purse ($149): Like Everpurse, this brand new charging purse is an on-the-go power booster for your mobile devices. The internal charging cable connects to both types of iPhone charger as well as micro USB. It’s big enough to be your go-to bag and includes a removable strap. Love it.

7. Thoughts about Making Things and the Internet: Hear, hear Adam Kurtz!

8. Dressing Up Like Beyonce: This amazing set of photos is from a story a journalist at Elle did about dressing up like Beyonce for one day. Definitely worth a read.

9. Bra Clasp Unhooks for True Love: In the land of weird, we’ve got a bra that unhooks based on a built-in heart rate monitor and magical algorithms that detect true love. So strange.

10. Shop Dandy Pillows ($28): We featured one of these pillows the other day, but couldn’t resist sharing the whole collection. #yolo

11. Wake Up Vibe: We’ll go ahead and file this under our often-talked-about future Wellness category. It’s an alarm clock… that you keep in your pants. Yep. We’ll leave it at that.

12. Nesting Twitter: You thought you were into Twitter? Not even close. This Kickstarter project wants to tell the story of Twitter by creating a set of nesting dolls that illustrates Twitter’s growth by nesting its founders inside one another. Just chew on that concept for a little while and call us in the morning. Err… tweet us in the morning ;)

What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen online this week? Share it with us in the comments below.