Happy summery Friday! This week’s been packed to the max with innovation in the form of water balloons, Birkenstocks and blue hair ;) And you know what else it’s been packed with? Unusual apparel, metallic tattoos and water slides. So let’s get to it!

1. Mickey Mouse Proposal: Ready for the most epic, most bizarre and most heart-wrenching proposal ever? Press play, and prepare to tear up at the site of several Mickey Mouses dancing to “Single Ladies.” The idea behind it was to combine all the things she loves — Mickey Mouse, Bollywood, Beyoncé and Michael Jackson. How awesome is that?

2. ’80s Boombox Bag ($35): That’s right. It’s a bag that looks like a boombox. How meta would it be if you carried your Jambox in it? ;)

3. Cat Shirts: These shirts are out of control. Like, they might be the best shirts we’ve ever seen. Scratch that — the best cat shirts we’ve ever seen, because apparently cat shirts are a thing?

4. Society6 Introduces Duvet Covers: Boom. Society6 does it again! This time they’re turning thousands of pieces of original artwork into bedspreads.

5. Deal With It Sunglasses: We have no idea why it took this many years for Deal With It Sunglasses to hit the market, but we’re pumped.

6. Most Royal Photobomb Ever: You’ve gotta hand it to Queen Elizabeth for a pretty on point sense of humor. Definitely the best photobomb ever — and we appreciate the color coordination going on in this entire scene.

7. Badass Winebag ($16): Sick of trying to carry wine in a regular old tote? Get a wine one instead! But for real, this is something you would definitely use on the reg if your friends are all about the dinner party.

8. Gold Floral Tattly: What. Yes. Metallic temporary tattoos are here, they are beautiful and they’ve been designed by Rifle Paper Co.

9. I Love Summer Photo Series: This incredible photo series captures dozens of people the moment they shoot out of a water slide. Joy, fear and acrobatics all ensue.

10. Chris Pratt French Braiding an Intern’s Hair: Your favorite Parks and Rec character just got even more lovable — he knows how to French braid, and can do it while being interviewed. So good.

What’s the best thing you’ve seen online this week? Talk to us in the comments below.