Well hello there! It’s a beautiful morning here at Brit HQ, and it feels like a regular Santa’s workshop here at Brit + Co SF. If you’re in the Bay area between now and December 20th, swing by and check it out! You can make, shop, drink hot cocoa, watch Elf, and wrap your gifts all in one place.

Now, onto the ridiculous, the weird, the funny, the strange, and the genius. Onto the BritList!

1. Sriracha Vodka: First up, we need to get this in house… stat! It would make for awesome Bloody Marys and might be just the spike you need for your next michelada.

2. Cats Posing Like Pin-Up Girls: First, we had hot dudes and cute kittens, and now there’s pin-up girls and pin-up cats. Amazing.

3. Solar Scorcher: Take your love of ’80s computer game Scorched Earth to the next level with this amazing solar scorcher. Cook hot dogs, warm up a cup of tea, and just generally tap into your pyro side with this hot hack.

4. Action Figure Resume: Why send a boring old resume when you can send an action figure of yourself? Dubbed “GI Jens”, photographer Jens Lennartsson took it upon himself to manufacture an army of action figures instead of resumes.

5. Plush Pumpkin Pie Hat ($12): We stumbled across this gem while searching for strange Santa hats. Bookmark for next Thanksgiving… or not.

6. Creepy Santa Clauses: This blog is the most terrifying holiday-themed blog on the Internet. We chose to feature a creepy Santa statue, simply because the photos of actual creepy Santas are, in fact, too creepy for our website.

7. Hilarious Portraits of Wet Dogs: Yes, yes, and yes. These portraits of wet dogs are brilliantly captured, and we want more!

8. Home Alone, the Pug Version: Speaking of dogs, what’s cuter than a pug puppy interpretation of Christmas classic, Home Alone?

9. 50 States of LEGO: We might need to just change this weekly feature to the LEGOlist! Today’s find is a serious of photographs using LEGOs to represent every state. Above we’ve got California and Wisconsin.

10. George Clooney x Yayoi Kusama: George Clooney covered in polka dots in a polka dot room because… why not?

11. Gingerbread Breaking Bad House: We have two words for you: sugar high.

12. World’s Largest Gingerbread House: And finally, something to feel good about. The world’s largest gingerbread house (39,201 cubic feet, to be exact) is now being used as a tourist attraction to raise money to fund a new facility at St. Joseph Trauma Center in Texas. Sugar-spiked world records for a good cause? We’re totally on board.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen online this week? Share it with us in the comments below.