When it comes to the holidays, you’ve gotta have the right accessories. From sparkly frocks to metallic shoes, we’re all over the holiday style department. But you know one fashion topic we’ve totally neglected? Santa hats! Leave the classic red hat with white trim and a pom pom at home, and weird out your friends and family with one of these 12 totally strange Santa hats. And if you send us a photo of you in the turkey hat, you’ll totally win something — we just don’t know what it is yet ;)

1. Light-Up Christmas Turkey Hat ($13): We know it’s poor form to show you the best hat right away, but I mean, it’s a turkey. It’s a TURKEY. Poultry-inspired headwear is totally the new black.

2. Santa Stuck in Chimney ($11): Next up, a hat that features Santa’s legs sticking right out of the top of it. Dionne from Clueless would totally rock this at a holiday party in the valley.

3. Santa Drinking Helmet ($14): Team Santa? Okay… if you’re a SantaCon enthusiast, then this is the helmet hat hybrid for you. May we recommend a DIY towel beard to catch errant beer spillage?

4. A Light-Up Tree Hat, Obviously ($16): You’ll really light up the room with this prickly number.

5. Santa BeardHead ($40): Originally featured in last year’s Santa Baby roundup, we’ve got a weakness for these ridiculous BeardHead winter hats.

6. Yoda Santa ($9): Your days merry and bright may be.

7. Dread Santa Hat ($19): Wait, what now? Straight from the product description: Meerrry chreestmus mon.

8. “Wild” Red Santa Hat ($12): “Sexy” santa hats are not cool. Sorry. (Full disclosure: I totally won this exact hat at a holiday party and kind of love it… but still.)

9. Be a Santa Hat ($34): Why wear a Santa Hat when you can BE one?!

10. Wired Santa Hat ($12): I don’t know what’s more disturbing about this — the corkscrew hat or the turtleneck.

11. Santa Bunny ($20): This makes no sense. Why would the Easter Bunny dress up as Santa? It would be way too confusing to kids everywhere.

12. Holly Jolly Shots! ($10): And finally, what would a ridiculous roundup be without a way to take a shot? If you’re up for making shot glass cozies, you could also totally DIY this.

And that’s a wrap. Ho ho ho!

Do you own any of these Santa hats? If so, why, when do you wear it, and will you send us a picture of it?