Still on holiday break? Us too, and now our sights our set on New Year’s Eve and the inevitable batch of hopeful resolutions to follow. Before we start busting out the glitter and confetti, let us take a moment to appreciate the more random things in life. Happy Friday!

1. Holiday Freaker Cozy ($10): This just in: holiday-themed cozy sweaters are appropriate all year round. The nutcracker is so perfectly weird.

2. Macintosh LEGO iPad Dock: Thought the Macintosh iPad dock was genius? How about making one out of LEGOs? #winning

3. Chair Hoodies: Just when you thought you’d seen a hood on everything, now you can (finally?) put a hoodie right on your chair.

4. Anchorman, Remade by Cats: Anchorcat. Ron Furgundy. Stay Catty.

5. Merriment Dishtowels ($18): We’re all about festive merriment all winter long — forget about saving it just for Christmastime.

6. Dachshund Gloves ($38): Are these the best gloves you’ve ever seen? Now, if only they were touchscreen.

7. Iris, the Photographer Drone ($1,049): Ready for this? This quadrocopter is a self-piloting aerial vehicle designed to hold on tight to a GoPro camera, making it an aerial photographer and videographer.

8. The Only Seven Person Tricycle ($20,000): Um, what? Why? Next team offsite…?

9. Owl Eyeglass Holder ($24): This adorable fowl will keep your specs in check on your desk.

10. Abstract Art Collage Clutch ($48): And finally, a little eye candy that doubles as arm candy ;)

What’s the coolest thing you’ve seen online this week? Talk to us in the comments below.