You can give Rebecca Black all the flack you want, but the truth is, every time I sit down to write the BritList all I can think about is how it’s Friday, Friday, and how I’ve gotta get down on Friday. You know? We really are looking forward to the weekend, weekend. And with that in mind, let’s get to the ridiculousness at hand.

1. Hot Tub Hammock: First up, the hot tub hammock. Aka the most incredible technology to come to the world of both hot tubs and hammocks in the last century. I mean, The Hottug (hot tub tug boat) was cool, the Hot Tub Car was innovative and the FUUT Hammock was convenient. But never, and I repeat never, has someone ever touched this level of innovation. And we need one. Now.

2. Bacon French Toast Roll Ups: Sure, you may have accidentally turned your french toast into a bacon taco before, but have you made it look this classy?

3. Zach Galifianakis Swimsuit ($120): Need a new one-piece for the rest of the summer? Or for the rest of your life?

4. @chiliphilly: We’ve featured him before and we’ll feature him again. @chiliphilly is just that prolific.

5. Just Chill: So remember when you were freaking out over getting an A- on your book report on Bridge to Terabithia in 5th grade? Someone probably told you to take a chill pill, right? Now that dreamy chill pill is available in a can, and it’s asking you to just (freaking!) chill. We’re on board.

6. Maquisard: Gamers and Wes Anderson fanatics now have a new game to crush on. Maquisard is beautifully designed spy game, modeled after The Grand Budapest Hotel.

7. Kat Dennings Channeled All of Her Favorite Beauty Icons: How gorgeous is Kat Dennings in this series of looks? From Sophia Loren to Katharine Hepburn to Anjelica Huston and, finally, to Eddie Vedder, she let the folks at Byrdie transform her into her favorite icons.

8. The Kanye Body Pillow: He can finally be both big spoon *and* little spoon. #dreamscancometrue

9. Turn Boring Links into Emoji Links: Make your emails prettier and way sillier with this site that turns your links into emojis.

10. Adult Ball Pit: Created by experimental design firm named Snarkitecture, this installation in The National Building Museum in Washington is the adult ball pit we’ve all been waiting.

Have a great weekend!