Have you ever been driving and thought, “I could really use a hot tub in my car right now?” (Only every single day during rush hour, right?) French artist and jacuzzi-aficionado Benedetto Bufalino just made your wishes come true with a fully functional hot tub made in the body of a two-door sedan. That’s what we call upcycling.

Admittedly, you can’t drive the thing… but it can sit in your backyard just like a regular hot tub would. To create this working masterpiece, the artist removed the roof and windows of a Seat Ibiza car and then modified the shell of the vehicle to fit jets, lights and a couple of your best pals.

We’re pleased to know this isn’t Bufalino’s first foray into strangely functional recycled art. He also created a telephone booth aquarium, a police car chicken coop and a barbecue grill out of the hood of a car. One of our favorites from his body of work is a simple park bench in Marseille with shade in the form of a gigantic yellow hat. This man just gets us.

Who brought their swimsuit to this blog post reading? Let’s jump in.