Sometimes we come across something so ridiculous, genius, awesome, and insane that it can’t quite fit into the BritList. The Hottug is one of those items, and it definitely made us look.

Sure, we’ve seen hot tubs on giant cruise ships and even yachts, but a boat whose primary purpose is to be a hot tub that floats? Wow. Just. Wow.

But how does it work? It carries 2,000 liters of water and typically takes about 2 hours to fill. Unless you call the fire department, in which case it probably just takes a few minutes. It is heated via a wood stove located at the front of the boat. It takes about 2.5 hours to get the water to 100 degrees F, making it about 4 hours of prep time.

What’s really cool about the stove is that you simply use normal logs to make a fire! So cool.

You can fit from 6-8 people on a normal day, if you’re feeling extremely friendly maybe 10.

Finally, how much does it cost? To get the full package with an integrated electric motor, batteries, charger, and wood burning heat, you’re looking at around $22K. If you’ve got a wood burning heater (wait, you do?) and an outboard engine, you can snag just the glass fiber shell for around $12K. Dock it just like any other boat!

And if you’re in Holland, you can rent a HotTug!! Looks like we know where the Brit + Co. Holiday Offsite is going to be… ;)

What do you think of the HotTug? Genius, ridiculous, or a clever combo of both? Talk to us in the comments below.