A few months ago, everybody on Twitter was freaking out when the social network announced that it was switching the 鈥渟tars鈥 likes for the 鈥渉eart emoji.鈥 Now it may seem buried in the past, but for some, the pain is still fresh. If you鈥檙e still bemoaning the loss of the star on Twitter, we have good news: There鈥檚 a way that you can react with any emoji you want. You can cheers with the Champagne glass, give the thumbs up, stick to the old-fashioned star or even keep track of good news with the salsa dancer.聽It takes a bit of behind-the-scenes tech hacking, so get ready.

Happy woman using mobile phone on sofa

First, you鈥檙e going to have to download Stylish, a web extension. It only works on Chrome or Firefox, so pick your poison.聽Once it鈥檚 downloaded, open Stylish by picking the new S icon at the top of your browser and select 鈥淢anage installed styles.鈥 Then select 鈥淲rite new style.鈥

Now, just copy and paste this code:

.HeartAnimationContainer {

visibility: hidden;


.HeartAnimationContainer:after {

content: 鈥橉煃衡;

visibility: visible;

display: block;

position: absolute;



But there鈥檚 a trick. Add four spaces to the second and fifth through eighth lines. It should look like this when you鈥檙e done.


Now you鈥檙e all set and ready to react with whatever you really feel on Twitter.

Which emoji are you going to react with? Let us know @BritandCo!

(h/t Gizmodo; photo via Getty)