We all make mistakes, but we don鈥檛 all make 鈥榚m on the cover of a major publication 鈥 and we鈥檙e not just talking about a little boo-boo. The Washington Post made a MASSIVE mistake on their cover, and the internet is freaking out over it.


This morning, The Washington Post Express featured a cover story regarding the Women鈥檚 March, the largest protest by women on Capitol Hill. The only problem? Well, take a look for yourself鈥

Washington Post _ male symbol mistake

Yep, that鈥檚 the male symbol. Oops.

The internet noticed, natch, and the reaction was enough to put a snarky smile on your face, because really, SMH!

Either that, or you鈥檒l just be pretty darn ragey over the entire sitch.

The Washington Post Express has since apologized, but still. Oof.

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(h/t Mashable; photos via Washington Post Express, Dan Dalton/Getty)