If you had to guess what the most Googled piece of jewelry in the entire world is, you couldn’t be blamed for thinking it was the crown jewels or Kate Middleton’s blue sapphire engagement ring. But you’d be wrong. If we gave you a clue and said it belongs to a celeb, you may opt for Kim K’s giant diamond ring (which was stolen, if you remember) or Ciara’s double-band wedding ring that features one of the biggest stones we’ve ever seen. But again, you’d be totally off the mark.

You’d be a little closer if you were to guess that it was Kylie Jenner’s incredible diamond ring that folks are so eager to find out more about, but in fact, it’s another piece from Kylie’s jewelry box that is the most Googled piece in the entire world.

19-year-old Kylie’s Cartier “love” bracelet (of which she actually has quite a few and likes to stack them at times) takes the spot as the #1 most Googled piece of jewelry.

Kylie Jenner's Cartier bracelets

The bracelet that has come to be one of Kylie’s signature pieces was, in fact, stuck on her arm for four years. That’s why it’s not only the fierce simplicity of the item that makes it a desirable search, but also the silly sitch that saw the star desperately trying to free herself.

Jewelry company Karus Chains did the digging to bring us the deets that Kylie’s bracelet was Googled 353k+ times a month, compared to the 85k+ searches per month for the number two item on the list, which happens to be Tiffany & Co. engagement rings.

With other stars like Demi Lovato, Katie Holmes, Pippa Middleton, Salma Hayek and Cameron Diaz all wearing the bracelet as well, it surely won’t wane in popularity any time soon.

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(h/t Glamour; photos via Steve Granitz, Imeh Akpanudosen, S Photographic Ltd/Getty)