There are certain shows that we all watch over and over 鈥 Friends, Law & Order, Parks and Rec, Sex and the City 鈥 it鈥檚 like our collective consciousness embraced these particular shows as a meditative balm for our often anxious, always busy minds. But there鈥檚 maybe no show more universally comforting, nostalgic, and zen-inducing than The Office. Even Michael鈥檚 outrageous office horror stories and the most cringeworthy office moments somehow bring us a sense of peace. And while there鈥檚 a chance we鈥檇 never actually want to work at Dunder Mifflin鈥檚 Scranton branch, we were curious who at the office we鈥檇 match best with on a cosmic level. If you鈥檙e also curious, read on to find out your astrological cubical mate.


ryan howard

Ryan Howard: Ambitious, impulsive, confident, and moody 鈥 you and Ryan are two peas in a pod. Ryan has that Arian fire that drives his decisions, working his way up from a temp to becoming the VP of the northeastern branches (with no shortage of that confident swagger you know so well). You鈥檙e both charming and energetic, with an assertive personality that most often gets you exactly where you want to go.



Oscar Martinez: You鈥檝e got a fulfilling, rich life outside of work that often involves a bottle of wine, great cheese, your couch, and a new documentary. Oscar definitely isn鈥檛 one to overshare at work, but from the small glimpses we get into his real life, it鈥檚 clear he鈥檚 got that Taurus love of cooking, music, and all things cultural.



Pam Beasley: Pam is one of the few office employees who pursues creative interests outside of work 鈥 something you can definitely relate to. There鈥檚 a shared curiosity here for the world that鈥檚 bigger than your commute 鈥 and you鈥檙e always up for engaging and honest conversations about all of it. No doubt if you were ever offered an opportunity to expand your talents with a working internship in another city, you鈥檇 be on the first train north too, because what鈥檚 better than learning something new?



Jim Halpert: Everyone loves Jim 鈥 because of all his Cancerian personality traits, obviously. You鈥檙e both fiercely loyal to your loved ones, highly imaginative (his intricate pranks on Dwight are legendary), and are super sensitive to the feelings of those around you. Somehow, you always know the right thing to do to make someone feel better, whether it鈥檚 simply a sympathetic ear, a spontaneous adventure, or a good laugh.


michael scott

Michael Scott: Has anyone ever craved the spotlight more than Michael Scott? Only you, Leo! No doubt you were both voted class clown in high school, forever seeking attention and putting on a show to get a good reaction. Not that we鈥檙e complaining 鈥 your innate sense of showmanship keeps us forever entertained (if also off-task).



Angela Martin: There鈥檚 a right way to do everything 鈥 your way. Yes, you share Angela鈥檚 strict perfectionist tendencies and can sometimes be a little too critical of those around you, but it comes from a place of love 鈥 you have high standards for everyone (including yourself). That innately hard-working and practical side means you sometimes get lost in work, with little time for play, so make sure to take a conscious time out to play with your cats. Or have a tryst in a broom closet 鈥 your choice. Just have some fun!



Phyllis Vance: While everyone else in the office was busy dealing with their own drama, Phyllis quietly and proudly built a comfortable, secure, and happy life for herself and Bob Vance, of Vance Refrigeration. She also somehow managed to stay out of the (often insane) office politics, keeping herself at a diplomatic distance, a classic Libra move if we ever saw one.



Meredith Palmer: Mysterious, secretive, and obsessed with her love life, Meredith Palmer was totally a Scorpio in another life. How else to explain her random outbursts, ongoing relationship saga, and propensity to over-indulge? There鈥檚 also her ability to persevere in the face of adversity (contracting rabies, getting run over by Michael, having her hair set on fire, etc.) 鈥 she鈥檚 resourceful and brave, just like someone else we know.



Darryl Philbin: You鈥檙e a smart cookie, Sag. And Darryl is definitely one of the smartest people at the entire Scranton branch. You鈥檙e both thoughtful, generous leaders who appreciate honesty above all else. And there鈥檚 no one funnier in the zodiac or the office than you and Darryl. Because of that charm, you鈥檙e fun to be around and everyone wants to be your friend.



Dwight Schrute: Even if he鈥檚 perpetually the assistant to the regional manager, Dwight is incredibly loyal to Michael and dedicated to his work 鈥 classic Capricorn. He鈥檚 also a low-key hustler, working a corporate gig by day and beet farming on the weekends, which shows that Dwight has your same need to succeed. Plus, he likes status symbols as much as you do (would you look at that car?).



Creed Bratton: No one at the office quite knows what to make of Creed, and you similarly defy pigeonholing. You鈥檙e independent thinkers, a little eccentric, and always down to have a good time. You鈥檙e immediately accepting of all types of people with little regard for stereotypes and the status quo 鈥 the weirder, the better in your book. Instead, you live life as you experience it and relish the surprises along the way. Even though it鈥檚 often necessary to survive, office life isn鈥檛 for you.


kelly kappor

Kelly Kapoor: Hopeless romantics, the both of you (and we wouldn鈥檛 have it any other way)! Kelly keeps her head in the clouds and cuts through the drudgery of office life with a healthy dose of idealism. You鈥檙e obviously on board with this, since you鈥檙e a similarly gentle, intuitive soul who seeks out beauty wherever you can to keep yourself centered and calm. She may be a little more high energy than you, but we think that boundless enthusiasm would be a welcome addition to your inner circle.

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