Maybe you鈥檙e old enough to remember watching Sex and the City with your crew on Sunday nights. Or maybe you鈥檙e still going to college in the city and the younger version of Carrie Bradshaw in the Carrie Diaries is your spiritual guide. Either way, if you鈥檙e a woman alive today, we鈥檙e willing to bet you鈥檝e told at least one of your friends that they鈥檙e 鈥渢otally a Miranda.鈥 The women (and men) of this iconic show have become modern archetypes, with each character representing some specific set of traits we love to ascribe to. So we couldn鈥檛 help but wonder 鈥 who is our Sex and the City astrological soulmate?


Mr. Big

Mr. Big: Confident, motivated, independent 鈥 are you the perfect mix of Mr. Big鈥檚 best traits, Aries? Abso-freaking-lutely. You鈥檙e both imbued with an entrepreneurial spirit, fearlessly making life changes without so much as a phone call to your ex-love before moving across the country (okay, maybe you could work on that part). You鈥檙e impulsive, passionate people who have a youthfulness about you that makes you hard to resist (and if anyone knows that to be true, it鈥檚 Carrie Bradshaw).


Steve Brady

Steve Brady: Dear, sweet Steve. All he ever wanted was a Brooklyn brownstone, his bar, and Miranda and Brady by his side. A true Taurus, if there ever was one. You share Steve鈥檚 homebody tendencies and have always been the practical, patient one in your relationships. And while you both have a stubborn streak, it鈥檚 merely an extension of your reliability 鈥 once you commit to something, you fully commit (even if you do slip up on occasion).


Jack Berger

Jack Berger: Remember Carrie telling the girls how on she and Berger were on their first dates? Cruising through conversations feeling so animated and engaged that even those sitting nearby noticed their connection? That鈥檚 how we feel about you, Gemini. You鈥檙e a natural conversationalist, enthusiastic to chat about an extensive range of topics. You and Berger lead with your mind 鈥 both well-read, curious beings. However, the trouble is you both can get stuck circulating through some seriously destructive thought patterns if you鈥檙e not being constantly stimulated.


Aidan Shaw

Aidan Shaw: Honestly, Aidan Shaw鈥檚 biggest flaw as Carrie鈥檚 boyfriend was loving her too much 鈥 sound familiar, Cancer? You and Aidan are both highly sensitive creatures who are loyal to those you love (sometimes to a fault). You crave comfort and stability and can become moody and suspicious if you feel those things are threatened. You鈥檙e also both imaginative people who need an artistic outlet, whether it鈥檚 writing, reading, art, or, you guessed it 鈥 furniture design.

leo (july 23-august 22)

Carrie Bradshaw

Carrie Bradshaw: The planets may revolve around the sun, but everyone in your orbit revolves around you, Leo. Same goes for Carrie and her inner circle (it was her show, after all). You both would rather shop for pretty things and hang with your friends than face an unpleasant reality 鈥 it鈥檚 just that you think life should be fun! You and Carrie crave attention and, yes, can be a little self-involved. With that said, your shared fierce loyalty, generous nature, and warmhearted enthusiasm more than make up for that occasional self-centeredness.

VIRGO (august 23-september 22)

Charlotte York Goldenblatt

Charlotte York Goldenblatt: You鈥檙e kind, thoughtful and would rather die than have someone think you were being rude to them. Yes, you and Charlotte are two sweet peas in a pod, Virgo. Whether she鈥檚 redecorating her penthouse, volunteering as a guide for the blind, or attending yet another black-tie affair, Charlotte is driven by a desire to help others, just like every Virgo we know. Of course, this comes with a healthy dose of perfectionism too 鈥 you both have high standards and will work your butts off to see them through. Plus, neither of you functions well in chaos, internal or external, and your strict organizational standards are soothing to your sometimes overly critical mind.

LIBRA (september 23-october 22)

Harry Goldenblatt

Harry Goldenblatt: Libras are exceptional lawyers, with their inherent sense of right versus wrong and keen diplomacy skills. And right from the start, Harry proves himself to not be just an exceptional lawyer (take that, Bunny!), but a man of character and conviction. His devotion to Charlotte, gentleness with Lily, and acceptance of his wife鈥檚 friends mirror your own fair-mindedness, Libra. And while it鈥檚 true you take your justice-seeking seriously, you鈥檙e both also super charming with an easy affability that means you鈥檝e never met a stranger.

SCORPIO (october 23-november 21)

Samantha Jones

Samantha Jones: Not since chocolate and Champagne has there been more of a provocative pairing than you and Samantha Jones, Scorpio. You鈥檙e both assertive, sensual people who live for new experiences and passionate physicality. You鈥檙e incredibly loyal to your friends and lovers, which can sometimes manifest itself as jealousy (though anyone who tries to tell you who to talk to better watch out). There鈥檚 a fiery independence that imbues your decision making which makes you both natural leaders (鈥淭hank you for calling Samantha Jones PR, how may I help you?鈥). Basically, you both kick ass and do it all with cool confidence.


Smith Jerrod

Smith Jerrod: As the resident globe trotter of the zodiac, you totally relate to Smith Jerrod鈥檚 nomadic existence as an actor, always on set in exotic locales. You鈥檙e both easygoing, with a sharp sense of humor and a generous spirit 鈥 it just feels good to be around you! Indeed, you鈥檝e got more positive energy than anyone we know and you prefer to surround yourself with similarly enthusiastic people to keep those good vibes up.

CAPRICORN (DECEMBER 22-january 19)

Miranda Hobbes

Miranda Hobbes:We should all be Mirandas, but only you truly embody her best qualities, Cap. From her major win at becoming the first female partner at her law firm, to her fierce loyalty to her son, Miranda has her priorities straight. Oh yes, you鈥檙e ambitious, hard workers with the kind of self-discipline most people dream of. Just don鈥檛 forget to have fun once in awhile too 鈥 you鈥檙e notorious for being the 鈥渟erious one鈥 but absolutely deserve a break now and then!

AQUARIUS (JANUARY 20-february 18)

Stanford Blatch

Stanford Blatch: You live your life exactly the way you want to, Aquarius 鈥 just like Stanford Blatch. From his seriously original outfits to his optimistic attitude, Stanford exudes an eccentric energy that we can鈥檛 help but love. We鈥檙e sure this all sounds quite familiar, since you, too, have an independent, go-your-own-way mindset that means life is never dull. The both of you simply have free spirits and a heart of gold.

PISCES (FEBRUARY 19-march 20)

Alekasndr Petrovsky

Aleksandr Petrovsky: We鈥檙e talking strictly pre-Paris here, of course, Pisces. It鈥檚 just that you鈥檙e both so artistic, with a romanticized, head-in-the-clouds outlook on life. You鈥檙e some of the smartest people we know and lead with your intuition. With all that feeling, you鈥檙e both bound to get a little down. But we totally get that you have a hard time handling criticism and need to surround yourself with beauty to keep your spirits up.

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