Let’s face it: That time of the month is no one’s favorite time of the month. Periods aren’t pleasant, and that’s likely why so many companies are on a mission to make them suck less — no matter if it’s making them more eco-friendly or sending a box of goodies to help you deal. Now, entrepreneur and millennial woman making history Miki Agrawal has come up with a way to not only make it more comfortable and fashionable, but to empower women and eliminate body shame with her not-so-simple panties, called Thinx.


Thinx undergarments are designed with multiple layers to be absorbent in case your tampon fails or you get an unexpected flow. They’re designed with the same moisture wicking material you’d find in athletic clothes to keep you dry no matter what. Thinx come in three different styles — thong, cheeky and hip hugger — so you can find the best type to suit your needs and tastes.

thinx 2

These underpants go beyond helping women deal with their monthly period though. They also help support women in developing nations. The panties are designed in NYC and made in Sri Lanka. The factory is family owned and provides supplementary education to its employees to train them to be leaders in their communities. Thinx has also partnered up with AfriPads, an African company that makes reusable sanitary pads. For every pair of Thinx purchased, a set of AfriPads are donated to a girl in Africa so she won’t have to miss school when she has her period. We mean really, how much can one pair of underwear accomplish?! Apparently… a lot.


We don’t know about you guys, but our next period is getting a backup plan while helping us do good. You can pick up your own pair of Thinx undies for $24-34 on their website.

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