Get ready for a theory that will blow your mind. Ready? Okay. 鈥淭he whole 鈥楽anta coming down the chimney鈥 thing is clearly just a muggle conspiracy to cover up the fact that Santa is a wizard traveling by floo powder.鈥

Harry Potter

Check out the rest of this amazing theory from Harry Potter fans that claims Santa鈥檚 magical ways can all be explained by the fact that he鈥檚鈥 wait for it鈥 yep, a wizard. We were already aware that Christmas at Hogwarts is more magical than we could imagine, but this new revelation (because surely this must be true) takes the holiday enchantment over the top.

Santa鈥檚 big secret may have been revealed when Reddit user Arumple created a thread claiming Santa is a wizard and that all of the mythical behavior around him can easily be explained by Harry Potter-like magic. And it seems like the folks who have jumped on the bandwagon (or in this case the sleigh) have a point. Many points, actually.

鈥淪anta is clearly a wizard with a time turner,鈥 IndeedGardenia offered.

um_thatsthejoke added, 鈥淩udolph鈥檚 nose didn鈥檛 glow, it was just Wizard Santa鈥檚 patronus leading the way!鈥

Santa secret

TheSortingSombrero went all out with, 鈥淭he proof is overwhelming:

  • Uses floo powder for [transportation].
  • Manages to deliver all presents in one night using a time turner.
  • Employs hundreds of house [elves] who spend all year making gifts.
  • Has been doing this for a long time, and with the extensive use of time turners, he must be pretty old. Must have a philosophers stone. (St. Nicholas Flamel?)
  • Visits millions of houses and nobody sees him? Probably [obliterates] people who saw him, or uses muggle repelling charms.
  • Every year, presents you didn鈥檛 buy suddenly appear in your house, and nobody questions it? Pretty sure magic is involved, maybe a confundus charm.
  • His bag has an undetectable extension charm to fit all the gifts.
  • Probably has a magic flying sled? Maybe not unlike the Beauxbatons carriage.
  • His home on the North Pole has been made unplottable and has all kinds of magical protections that prevent people from finding it, just like Hogwarts. Why? Maybe he broke Clause 73 of the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy by performing magic so openly for millions of muggles. So he has to hide on the North Pole, which is technically in international waters.
  • Handing out millions of gifts must be really [expensive]. Remember that philosopher鈥檚 stone? Probably pays for it all with gold he made himself. (Or maybe he just transfigures rocks into gifts or something? EDIT: Santa transfigures coal into gifts, and the transfiguration only stays permanent if the child is nice!)鈥

With all of this, can we possibly deny that Santa Claus is in fact a wizard? The (jolly) truth is out there somewhere.

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