If you love all things Harry Potter as much as we do (i.e. you choose to get your life lessons from the books and are already planning your trip to NYC for when Harry Potter and the Cursed Child hits Broadway), then we’ve got THE perfect holiday DIY for you!


Meet The Unofficial Guide to Crafting the World of Harry Potter: a brilliant book packed with 30 “charming crafts even Muggles can make!” including some seriously awesome (and super easy) potion ornaments. They’re so cute, you can cover your entire tree with them, give them as presents or even let them hang around your house year-round (we promise not to judge).

Mama blogger Dayna Abraham gave making the ornaments a try on behalf of Bustle (and yes, they turned out AMAZING). All you’ll need are plastic globe ornaments, a hot glue gun, a permanent marker, liquid food coloring, plenty of glitter and some warm water. Seriously, how simple is that?

Dayna turned four different potions into ornaments (green Polyjuice Potion, yellow Felix Felicis, silvery Veritaserum and red Amortentia), but really, the sky’s the limit — all you have to do is let your creativity (and love of Harry Potter) flow.

You can check out the full step-by-step instructions here, but in short, you’ll have to fill your plastic ornaments with water, food coloring and glitter, then shake, shake, shake to mix up your potion, glue the ornament’s top on and mark it accordingly with your permanent marker. That’s it!

Happy potion making, everyone — we’ll take some Amortentia, please!

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(h/t Bustle, photo via Warner Bros.)