JK Rowling is an absolute goddess. She gave us Harry Potter, a seriously good crime series (which is getting its own HBO show!), and, more recently, Fantastic Beasts! We’ve also been super lucky to get not one but TWO Harry Potter theme parks — we hope Newt + Co will show up there eventually! Since the Harry Potter crew never misses an opportunity to delight and awe their loyal fans, we weren’t at all surprised to learn about this magical Christmas event.

Several diehard fans were granted the opportunity (for the low, low fee of $300 — still worth it!) to enjoy a Christmas feast in THE Great Hall on the original Harry Potter set. And it was every bit as special and wonderful as you’d imagine (it’s really no question why it’s called “The Wonderful World of Harry Potter”). Just check out this photo from London-based artist Destiny Blue:

OMG. This is all of our Christmas and Harry Potter dreams bundled into one and we can’t even right now.

Destiny gushed about the level of detail, a battle with some Death Eaters (yikes!) and the fact that every place setting in the Great Hall came with a complimentary wand. Jealous! She was also super excited about walking down Diagon Alley and seeing the Hogwarts Express, saying that the whole experience was really immersive. While she’s not sure if she’ll return next year (she told Mashable that the “trip was so special I don’t know if a second time is needed!”), she definitely recommends everyone else make a visit if they can.

You can see the full album of Destiny’s visit here.

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(h/t Mashable, feature photo via Warner Brothers)