In the wake of the scary terrorist bombing that took place outside of Ariana Grande’s Manchester, UK concert last night, many people around the globe are coming together to show their love and support (including many celebs) for the people in the city. With 19 people killed and 59 more injured, road and transit closures have stranded many concert-goers in the city, which has local residents springing into action, giving hope to those affected.

Creating the hashtag #RoomforManchester, residents close to the arena where the bombing took place took to social media to offer a safe place to stay for those who could not get home in the wake of shutdowns around the city. The tweets using the hashtag give us hope and show the best side of humanity: Where we all work together regardless of what’s happening.

Being that many of Grande’s fans are younger teens and kids, there were a lot of stranded children in Manchester. The local Holiday Inn Hotel joined in on the hashtag, offering free rooms and food for any children stranded without parents in the city.

Taxi drivers also happily shuttled concert goers for free around the city, ensuring that as many people as possible were in safe locations. The way that the people of Manchester sprung into action to support Grande’s fans is the way we should all behave when faced with adversity. It’s important to remember that helping is always the answer.

(h/t HelloGiggles; photos via Christopher Furlong/Getty)