Buying your first grown-up sofa is somewhat of a rite of passage. While mid-century modern style furniture might be the look we covet (think this IKEA collection), small budgets force millennials to look for the best bang for their buck. Enter the 鈥淧eggy鈥 couch from West Elm. This ubiquitous favorite can be seen in bachelor pads and condos across the country, but for years, customer reviews have been less than favorable.


And yet, regardless of how many (or few) stars this couch had, you鈥檇 still see it in apartment after apartment 鈥 until recently. One writer took the time to destroy any goodwill it may have had left in the public鈥檚 eye, getting it pulled from shelves FOREVER.

In a post for The Awl, writer Anna Hezel writes about how her 鈥淧eggy鈥 didn鈥檛 only fall apart, it joined a long line of sofas of the same name that are shoddily made, broken, or breaking, with customers paying the cost. She mentioned a woman in Denver who wrote a 700 hundred word (!) Yelp review about the couch because she couldn鈥檛 leave a review on West Elm鈥檚 website.

A quick search of Twitter reveals that Hezel isn鈥檛 wrong: The couch has posed a problem with people for, well, forever.

Mainly, the problems with the couch tend to be the terrible buttons (that always fall off) and its cheap legs that break and bend.

According to Hezel, West Elm has not been particularly helpful in repairing or replacing parts of the couch. Mysteriously, shortly after her post was published online, the couch disappeared from the company鈥檚 website completely. Buzzfeed reached out to some stores whose employees simply said the couch was 鈥渟old out,鈥 but didn鈥檛 mention the article.

With no official word from West Elm, or its parent company, Williams-Sonoma, we can鈥檛 be entirely sure why the couches were pulled, but the timing is definitely suspicious. We guess we鈥檒l wait and see what happens with #PeggyGate, but in the meantime, you鈥檒l have to find a different affordable-yet-chic mid-century replica if you鈥檙e furnishing your place!

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(h/t Buzzfeed, photos via West Elm)