Since we’re makers and all, we love building things. Does *that* explain our love affair with IKEA? We’ll buy that! The latest and greatest release from the budget-friendly furniture company is a trip back in time. They’re resurrecting 26 pieces from the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s in one grand collection of mid-century mod fabulousness. Talk about a #TBT that we want in our apartment ASAP.

On IKEA’s Swedish website, the limited edition collection is called Årgång, but here in the States the pieces have a variety of names (and aren’t currently available online or in stores, WTF!). We’re hoping that by the time 2015 rolls around we’ll be spotting them in our local IKEA while indulging in our $1 ice cream cone. ‘Til then, let’s get the Pinboards started with a look at pieces from the new collection…

Gårdskaär Pendant Lamp ($80): Hang this glass lamp from the ceiling and get some rosy diffused light action throughout the entire space. How groovy!

Ekenäset Chair ($200): This gorgeous gray and solid birch combo will leave all your guests wanting to kick up their feet.

Lillbron Coffee Table ($99): The unique coffee table will make any room gorgeous with a touch of gold and a medium brown wood. Never fear spilling a cup of coffee (or wine) on this bad boy as, it’s finished with a stain-resistant veneer.

Gagnet Chair ($59): A handmade rattan chair means gorgeous rounded shapes and nicely detailed patterns. Plastic feet protect your floor against scratching for those who like to pretend they’re in a rocking chair when they’ve had one too many drinks.

Knäsjö Floor Lamp ($100): Always wanted a large decorative floor lamp, but wasn’t a fan of the fabric shades IKEA currently sells? This one will leave you speechless with its retro beauty.

Arjeplog 3-Light Pendant Lamp ($70): This hanging lamp, accented with black brass, gives a pleasant atmosphere for dining, spreading direct light across the dining room or bar table. Perfect for a glass of gin on the rocks.

Skoven Rug ($60): This synthetic fiber rug, available in orange or black, is durable and stain-resistant — perfect to get your dance on during a commercial break during the Mad Men series finale party we’re clearly having after we shop up this collection. Also, the high-pile fabric makes it easy to line up severals rugs down the hallway without a noticeable seam, so you can sashay down your own “red” carpet.

Lövbacken Coffee Table ($80): This mod coffee table, also available as a side table, is accented beautifully with gold legs to steal some attention from the eye-catching sofa.

Gryta Easy Chair ($70): This lightweight chair also comes in a yellow-black combo. It’s so easy to move, you’ll want to have weekly room redesigns.

Matsedel Coffee Cup and Saucer ($5): This chic black and gray pair is made of feldspar porcelain, making them impact resistant and durable. This will totally withstand even the most outrageous tea party. Bonus: This line also comes with serving plates, side plates and bowls to complete your collection.

Kläppa Easy Chair ($30): The butterfly chair that everyone had in their room as a kid is back and more modern than ever. Also available in red, the cover slips on and off easily for simple cleaning or moving around.

Ekenäset Sofa ($400): Get comfy (and feel like you’re Joan Holloway) on this elegant sofa while watching everything from Mad Men to Project Runway.

To check out the entire collection, head to IKEA’s Swedish site and hit that translate button.

Which mid-century modern pieces are you dying to add to your home? Let us know in the comments below.