It鈥檚 no secret that we totally love all things Kate Middleton, from her effortless and chic athleisure looks to trying to figure out how she avoids that dreaded flat winter hair. And let鈥檚 face it; when it comes to copping fashion recycling tricks, there鈥檚 no better inspo than Kate.

But for restaurant owner Randy Dhamanhuri, the Duchess inspires much more than just personal style 鈥 she鈥檚 the muse behind the whole look and feel of Middletown Cafe.

Located in Australia and serving up drool-worthy brunch and delicious coffee, everything from the cafe鈥檚 navy and white color scheme to the sketch of Kate鈥檚 famous sapphire engagement ring that adorns the wall (and even appears as a mouse cursor on their website) is a tribute to Kate鈥檚 鈥渢imeless beauty and class.鈥

鈥淣ot just speaking of her look, but more so on how she carries herself in public,鈥 Dhamanhuri tells People. 鈥淪he鈥檚 undoubtedly royal but has this humble persona.鈥 We couldn鈥檛 agree more.

The fact that it鈥檚 summer in Australia right now gives you all the more reason to plan your trip to Middletown 鈥 we can already picture all the Instagrams of your feet (and delicious coffee, natch) on the Westminster Abbey-inspired tiled floors.

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(h/t People, photo via Ian Gavan/Getty)