We’re crowning tie dye the comeback queen of clothing trends. Meandering from iconic 60s festival wear to grungy 90s street style, this hyper vivid and totally groovy dying process has again twisted its way to the top. Tie dye’s modern reincarnation is still splattering colors of every kind, so feast your eyes on 35 flattering ways to wear this far out fashion.

1. Boyfriend Cosmic Button Down ($62): Channel your inner Monet with this spiffy oversized blouse. We love how sparse clusters of color pop against the silky fabric.

2. Heatwave Muscle Dress ($39): The angled streak of purple adds flattering contour to this loose-fitting tank dress. You can make it even more snug at the bottom thanks to the cute keyhole hem.

3. Dreamy Ways Kimono Top ($58): This kimono top is a glamorous throwback to the Woodstock generation. Its pale color palette and lace detail are so dreamy!

4. Ride or Dye Denim Vest ($24): Pink tie dye puffs look like floating clouds in a purple sky or, better yet, cotton candy! Frayed sleeves make this pastel vest just a little bit punk.

5. South Beach Drawstring Maxi ($43): There’s nothing like a good maxi to make your outfit look effortlessly complete. Why not add a tie dye diddy to your collection?

6. Leather Gladiators ($100): Strappy sandals get the tie dye makeover that looks like red lipstick traces. It’s true dudes, we love our shoes that much.

7. Rainbow Fade Skater Skirt ($72): This faint tie dye might be one of the most understated of its kind. The high-waisted skirt brings a bit more color to the party with its braided pastel waistband.

8. Trip Out Shades ($30): It’s perfectly normal to see swirling psychedelic colors with these shades around. The double bridge makes these two-toned glasses really far out!

9. Green Tie Dye Tights ($8): Sugary colors are twisted onto these tights in a bright way. Shimmy a pair of dark khaki safari shorts over these ‘hoes to make them a more everyday item.

10. Firenze Wedge Sneaker ($205): These summery sneakers are completely spattered with twinkling tie dye. If you’ve got to choose one sporty wedge this season, this pair should be it!

11. Tie Dye T-Shirt ($119): This ain’t your average tie dye tee. Dipped by hand by one of London’s legendary fashion brands, the wide-neck jersey makes one royal wardrobe staple.

12. Potobello Short ($108): We’re calling these low-sitting chambray shorts a fun take on the boyfriend jean. Dress up these slouchers with a pair of vintage loafers and a floral blazer.

13. Riptide Button Up Blouse ($19): This blouse can’t decide which trend it wants to get behind: sleek and see-through or wildly kaleidoscopic. We don’t blame it, it’s too cool of a combo!

14. Libby Crop Top ($59): We love the earthy colors that speckle this faux-peplum crop top. The wispy brown dye marks resemble dandelion seeds being scattered by the wind.

15. High Waisted Jeans ($50): This raindrop tie dye would make the prettiest pool of mint, sherbet and lavender. The high waist isn’t super exaggerated giving these jeans a casual vibe.

16. Palm Tree Cashmere Sweater ($1585): Get whisked away to SoCal with this luxurious splurge. The sunset colored cashmere sweater will get you chanting “West Coast, best coast!”

17. Sky Dye Skinny Jeans ($18): Lightning strikes the same leg twice with this high voltage denim. Pair with tan ankle boots and a collared tank for an electrifying look!

18. Hooded Parka ($120): Snuggle up in this comfy yet super stylish parka. Grab your neon wellies and feathery hair accessories for the ultimate weather-proof festival get up.

19. Wrap Watch ($65): Wrap your wrist with this tie dye timepiece. The super soft adjustable leather band is beautifully brushed with eye-popping color.

20. Sea Foam Ballet Slippers ($123): Do you think these flats were what really inspired Ariel to wish for legs? These watercolor-inspired slip ons look like you’re staring into the glimmering sea.

21. Snake Goddess Maxi ($238): We adore the peachy ombre fade and silver speckled tie dye of this glamorous maxi, but we’re even more into what’s happening above the empire waist. The braided multi straps are nothing less than fabulous.

22. Tie Dye Shopper ($30): There’s a bit of a Southwestern vibe we’re getting from this prairie blue bag. A handful of silver studs punch up the shoulder straps made of light buffalo leather.

23. Sea You Soon Short ($36): This summer short is doing everything right. Get the surfer girl look with a flirty ruched waist, a burst of canary yellow tie dye and playful pom pom trim.

24. Extreme Hi Low Tunic ($98): We love a garment that plays with proportions, especially to this chic extreme. A sheer chiffon insert under each muscle-cut sleeve keeps it nothing but classy.

25. Ruffled Midi Dress ($15): Flowing ruffles of tie dye rust and seafoam make this girly dress stand out from the rest. The open back should most definitely be mimicked with a cute pair of T-strap flats.

26. “New Vanessa” Boot ($328): Don’t you step on my blue suede shoes! These cuffed booties look like they fell straight from the sky with its rippled could-like tie dye.

27. Ziggy Stardust Swimsuit ($160): Ground control to Major Tom, we’ve got a major babe on our hands! Heart cut outs make this celestial swimsuit extra sweet.

28. Infinity Scarf ($98): This tie dye wrap is a perfect accessory for taking a neutral toned outfit up a couple of notches. You can also loop this scarf around your neck in place of a statement necklace.

29. High Road Chambray Shirt ($68): We’re digging the bleachy tie dye on this chambray shirt. An over the shoulder glance reveals a button down surprise!

30. “And Party” Muscle Tee ($20): Bring the party with you wherever you go in this edgy muscle tie dye tee. Just be sure to invite us along :)

31. Mirror Print Column Dress ($30): A gorgeous mirror-patterned tie dye gives this jersey dress an amazing structured look. The slash neckline and pencil skirt length make it all the more elegant.

32. Beach Day Romper ($39): Hang ten in this knit romper. We love how the tiny wisps of hot pink tie dye resemble snakeskin!

33. Tiered Dress ($26): It looks like a storm’s a-brewin on this swirling grey tie dye maxi. Stringy shoulder ties give some added drama to this tiered dress.

34. Villa Leggings ($31): Now goths can wear tie dye too! Who’d have thought they’d have something in common with flower children?

35. Sky Ruffle Blouse ($40): This beautiful blue ink blot blouse is delicate and decadent all at once. A ruffled collar and cap sleeves give an hourglass shape to flowy chiffon.

What are your favorite modern-day tie dye fashions? Let us know in the comments below!