The days of boring hair are officially over. Here at Brit HQ, we’re always hacking materials into headbands, hair clips and more to see just how creative we can get with decking out our dos. But this roundup takes the possibilities to a whole new level. Get inspired to never leave your house with naked hair ever again with these 40 amazing hair accessories you can buy or DIY!

1. NYE Headbands: As the clock counts down to midnight, the last thing you want to worry about is brushing your hair from your face. These statement headbands made from metallic leather and star-shaped confetti (cute, right?) help you ring in the New Year looking fresh and fabulous. (via Brit + Co.)

2. Leather Hair Tie: If throwing your hair up in a pony is part of your daily morning routine, then you need to check out this hair band hack. Once you’ve trimmed two long, thin leather strips, you simply fasten them to any old elastic hair band with a twist tie! The leather ends will conceal the paper wire, so you’re secret’s safe with us. (via Cupcakes and Cashmere)

3. Neon Jersey Headband ($13): It’s hard to strike a balance between comfort and style, but these super soft jersey headbands get it right. We love when a classic nautical braid is punched up with neon. But if highlighter yellow isn’t your jam, you can pick a custom combo from more than 20 colors.

4. Studded Alice Band ($14): For the girl who recites “Sugar and spice and everything nice” with a smirk on her face. This cream-colored headband embellished with studs proves that pretty can have an attitude.

5. ‘Beaded Ikat’ Headwrap ($32): This patterned headband is the foundation of festival style. It’s vibrant pattern is tamed by cool blue tones, making it chic enough to work with your everyday wardrobe too.

6. Jumbo Hair Clip ($15): Never ever rummage through your purse for misplaced hair clips again! While we’re not sure how effective this ginormous hair clip actually is for keeping your hair in place, we applaud anyone who tries to pull off this look.

7. Gem and Chiffon Headbands ($31): If you’re not comfortable with wearing your bling on your finger, I guess your head is the next best place to try. Don this ultra glam headband duo

8. Hanging Chains Hairband: Woodstock would have been a lot shinier if Hippies used chains instead of flowers in their hair. It takes between 30-35 chains attached to a comb stretch headband to get this chic look. (via …love Maegan)

9. Rose Bun Holder ($11): We love this more subtle take on a floral crown. It’s a great way to get comfortable with planting style seeds for tricked out hair.

10. Pearl Hairpins: Sometimes the most simple accessories provide the most pop like these floating hairpins, where faux pearls are carefully glued to wire and tied around drugstore bobby pins. If you have lighter hair and are seeking a more dramatic look, try using black pearls. (via Honestly…WTF)

11. Crystal Goddess Chain Wrap ($19): We can get behind the subtle beauty of this chain wrap. The iridescent aquamarine stones are a riveting accent to the delicate gold chain.

12. Plastic Bow Clips ($9): These cute colorblocked bow clips are a great way to look Mod without being costumey. Go super sleek with your hairstyle to match the patent leather-like sheen and please wear both at once!

13. Flower and Rhinestone Headband: Unleash your inner Marie Antoinette with this royally ornate headband. Try to create a pattern using ceramic blossoms, rhinestones and pearls, but remember there is no method to this beautiful madness. (via Honestly…WTF)

14. Gilded Chiffon Headband ($28): The Grecian pendant on this grey and gold polka dotted headband takes our breath away. Keep it classy with a pair of oversized sunnies and a neutral linen scarf.

15. Star Hair Pin: This gorgeous sprawling hair pin is made by looping wire through a cluster of star buttons. Stare up into the night sky for inspiration and recreate your favorite constellation. (via Hello, Whimsy)

16. Cord and Chain Knot Headband ($60): This mixed material headband looks fresh and effortless. The brass chain adds a touch of drama as it drapes from knot to knot.

17. Delicate Pearl Bow: Everyone needs a preppy pearl accessory in their closet so we recommend busting out a handful of these DIY pearl bows for good measure. They’re a cinch to make and easily attachable to headbands, hair pins and hair clips. (via Minted Strawberry)

18. Bloom Flower Crown: When was the last time someone called you “utterly ethereal?” We think the chances of this heavenly complement will skyrocket with this faux floral bloom crown. Wrap strands of your hair through the crown for a naturally tousled look. (via A Beautiful Mess)

19. Embellished Side Combs: Add some much-needed flair to these plain side combs with project leftovers like leather, embroidery floss and studs. What scraps do you have that will make a beautiful side comb embellishment? Tell us in the comments! (via Brit + Co.)

20. Rainy Day Leather Hairpins ($15): Just the thought of rain near our dos makes our hair start to frizz. So we’re happy that our locks can finally be buds with inclement weather in this cute rain butt barrette set.

21. ‘Studded Bunny’ Headband ($22): Through with the cat ear trend but still hearing the call of the wild? This studded bunny ear headband is flirty in a demure way and just a tad more grown up.

22. Spike Headband: Look pretty in punk with this DIY leather and spiky stud headband. Screw studs in place about an inch apart from each other and rock it like a traditional headband or pulled tight around your sock bun. (via I Spy DIY)

23. Neon Bow Barrette ($8): These neon bows are so retro it hurts but we have to admit they’re definitely darling. To get a more modern look, wear these barrettes around a low ponytail or as a clasp to a fishtail braid full of mini hair bows!

24. Confetti Headband: Here at Brit HQ, our sparkle obsession has led us on the mission to discover as many fun ways to use confetti as possible. For this look, hot glue individual confetti pieces to a thin headband. (via Brit + Co.)

25. Hair Chain: Fell like a fly girl with this fabulous updo. Fasten chains of various thicknesses to the outer end of two side combs and stick into your hair teeth-face down to achieve the awesome tiered effect. (via I Spy DIY)

26. Twig Bobby Pins ($29): These enchanting twig bobby pins are individually handmade, and you can definitely tell by looking at the gorgeous detail. Choose from three metallic colors and wear with a

27. Rock Solid Hair Elastic ($20): Glam up your pony with these giant candy-colored gems. Rocking these is most definitely a solid decision in our eyes.

28. Boho Chic Headband: Crown yourself the Boho beauty queen with this romantic headband. The trick to this DIY is adding a good amount of glue to the headband before you pour on the beads and pat them down to stay in place. (via Brit + Co.)

29. Faux Fur PomPom: This faux fur pompom has a super Game of Thrones feel to it, and we’re OK with that. Stuff the faux fur with extra fabric to help it stay plump and sew to an elastic hair tie to finish. (via Ruben Cassette)

30. Ribbed Turban Headband ($14): This ribbed earth-toned headband channels the old Hollywood glamour of the 1940s. Pair with a classic red lip for a striking vintage look.

31. Geometric Hairpins: These tiny leather triangles are stylish and so fun to make with scraps of bold colored leather. Play with your shapes, stacking two or three at a time. We dig the pin that looks like the start of a mean chevron pattern. (via My Little Fabric)

32. Braided Headwrap ($12): This is the perfect headwrap for straight up summer fun. The wrap’s faded finish makes us wish we could be just as sunkissed!

33. DIY Flower Crown: Flower crowns are everywhere this summer, but did you know that these intricate looking wreaths are easy to make with silk flowers and floral wire? Our favorite part about this DIY is hand picking the perfect petals to match your style. (via Bleubird)

34. Metal and Leather Tube Headband ($43): Embrace your Boho side with this natural leather headband. The woven leather and metal stoppers make this look the epitome of festival chic.

35. Beaded Palm Turban ($32): This amazing turban will make any summer outfit look effortless. Pair with an outfit of lighter tones like creams and oatmeals so that this elegant headpiece can really stand out.

36. Celestial Bun Pick ($38): Conjure up a wicked do with this celestial bun pick. Slide this magical accessory right through a messy bun for a fab look without any hocus pocus.

37. Burl & Maple Hairfork ($30): You caught us drooling over the amazing natural wood grain pattern of this hairfork. A special handmade varnish ensures that this stunner will last a lifetime.

38. Chain Barrette ($11): This chunky chain barrette is definitely a go-to for polishing any simple do. Pull your hair back, clip it in, and you’ll look ready to tackle the day.

39. DIY Headbands In Less Than 5 Minutes: After brushing, straightening, braiding, blow drying and whatever else it takes to make your locks look great in the morning, we’ve understand that you’ve got precious time to spare. Luckily there are so many headband styles you can make in less than five minutes and we’ve already showed you how! (via Brit + Co.)

40. Hanging Seed Bead Hair Clip: Thread a hair-length strand of colorful seed beads through a hair clip to get this playful look. Or string beads in a more neutral color palate and finish the ends with some patterned feathers for a more earthy vibe. (via …love Maegan)

What’s the coolest hair accessory you’ve seen, made, or bought? Send us a link!