It’s a fact of life that grows truer by the minute: Less is more. And as our eco-minded generation downsizes to tinier spaces, our options for furnishing and decorating our homes shrink right along with our square footage. We’ve figured out how to adapt our lives, our kitchens and even our washing machines into itty bitty living quarters, but for those of us who work from home full-time or are trying to start a side hustle, a functioning workspace is critical (and not always easy to pull off with limited room). Luckily, we’ve got plenty of inspiration to help you to pack a professional punch, even in the smallest of spaces.

1. Minimize + Declutter: When we’re trying to create a healthy, happy office environment in tight quarters, clutter is a nonstarter. Figure out what pieces of decor you can’t live without and get right with the idea of being a minimalist if you can. Once you’ve done that and invested in one great foundation piece — like a slick white desk on hairpin legs, for instance — pulling off a sophisticated vibe like this one is actually a piece of cake. (via French by Design)

2. Craft Storage: If your workspace tends to have more ribbon and washi tape than papers and folders, be sure to store your materials up high to avoid clutter. Using a rod and mounted jars will help you keep all those bits of crafty goodness organized. Bonus points if you tie in this neon color scheme. (via Love Print Studio)

3. Clip-On Desk Organizers: Another clever way to clear out clutter is to whip up a set of organizers that clip to the side of your desk. Like little life rafts for your workspace, these guys can be made with anything from tin cans to loaf tins and flower pans. A little spray paint, some self-stick felt, clip grips and something to attach them with, and tada! You’ve got a perfect solution to hold all your stuff without taking up that precious desk real estate. (via Brit + Co)

4. Fold-Up Table and Frame: If you only need a part-time desk for weekend blogging or occasional use, a fold-up table might be just the ticket. Taking a cue from the old-fashioned murphy beds of yesteryear, this ingenious convertible table folds up into a large frame when not in use. It’s like your own little secret, and who doesn’t love those? (via Ivy Design)

5. Cork Tile Pinboard: If you love the functionality of a corkboard but think the office classic is a little too blah on its own, this DIY is perfect for you. Just pull together some cork tiles, painter’s tape, paint and adhesive strips for an afternoon project that’ll pull all your pinnables together on a sweet, self-made piece of art. (via The Happy Home)

6. Raskog Cart: Okay, so maybe becoming a minimalist overnight is easier said than done. No worries, you can always cheat a little with a highly functional piece like the ever-popular mint-colored kitchen cart ($30) from IKEA. Fill it up in an orderly fashion and find a place for it to live. Before you know it, your workspace will be super organized and ready to roll. Literally. (via Design Sponge)

7. Use Up Every Nook and Corner: Even if you don’t have a separate room to use as an office, all you really have to do is pick a wall or nook to set up shop. This tiny workspace keeps things organized with wall shelves and baskets on the desk. We are loving the blue-green color combo for a relaxing space to get your work D-O-N-E. (via Sarah Richardson Design)

8. Simple Above-Desk Shelving: Perhaps you’ve got a bedroom or living room wall to spare, but it isn’t particularly wide. In this case, it’s time for a tried-and-true small-space maneuver that nails it every time: going vertical. Simple floating shelves in a matching or complementary shade can lift your possessions up and out of your way so you can concentrate on the task at hand without distraction. Add a comfy chair with a pop of color to keep things interesting, and make sure it’s at the right height. (via Weekday Carnival)

9. Closet Office: Got a space so itty bitty that you don’t even have a wall to spare? Never fear, the time for closet conversion is here! Whether you’re crafty enough to build a custom desk inside your coat or kitchen closet, or all you can muster is two filing cabinets and a board across the top, a little ingenuity goes a long way when converting a few square feet of space into an awesome micro-office. Take note from this space and be sure to include lots of storage to keep the clutter at bay. (via The Happy Housie)

10. Chalkboard Closet: Taking the closet-office concept one step further, a can of chalkboard paint can turn an entire interior into a canvas for whimsical decor, inspiring quotes or just important reminders to keep you on track. Mounting shelves to adjoining walls and bringing pen/pencil holders and other knick knacks upward frees up more desk space, giving you room to work on a laptop, sketch out ideas on paper or do whatever else you need to get the job done in style. (via A Cup of Mai)

11. Box Seating: If you’re one of the lucky few who lives in a tiny home but has a proper detached room you can call an office, your options are obviously more vast. But if the space is still on the tight side and you’d like some extra seating options, a box seat can streamline the room in a way that extra chairs can’t. Particularly great for long, narrow spaces, nook seating like this can keep a home office feeling cozy without giving up any of its functionality. Who doesn’t love taking a break from desk life and curling up in the corner with a laptop or book every once in a while? (via Homedit)

12. Chalkboard Wall Decal: For those of us who like writing things out and keeping them simple, a set of oversized chalkboard decals can fill in as a cute alternative to a dry erase board. Peel-and-stick options abound from monthly calendars to daily to-do lists, all of which are no-fuss, no-muss solutions for apartment dwellers small on space and big on grand plans. (via Simple Shapes)

What small space hacks have you used to make your home office awesome? Tell us in the comments below!