Don’t let a small space and a tight budget get you down! Minimalism is a good thing, and we’re here to help you de-clutter, maximize space and simplify your life with 20 hacks for a tiny kitchen to give every part a purpose. We get it; no one wants to feel cramped, and you won’t with these big space-saving ideas that will have all of your gadgets neatly organized. The kitchens below may be larger than your humble cocina, but the ideas are even bigger and better when applied to a small space and we’re slinging ’em like hot cakes. Check ’em out.

1. Utility Cart ($84): It’s there when you need it. Wheel the cart out for kitchen prep and extra counter space, then tuck it away as a storage device when you don’t. (image via Giesen Design)

2. Kitchen Island With Butcher Block Top ($254): A small kitchen’s BFF, it has extra counter space, storage and a chopping block all in one. (image via BHG)

3. Under Cabinet Stemware Rack ($30): Keep your glassware classy with this clever under cabinet rack. When you arrive home from a tiring day, your favorite wine glass is within reach! (image via Ikea Hackers)

4. Wire Shelf: Incorporate this trend into your tiny space to achieve amazing organization feats. Simply screw one of these shelves onto the back of a cupboard door and there you have it — maximum space! (via Graham and Green)

5. DIY Pegboard Wall Organizer: A la Julia Child, it may not help you cook like her, but this practical hack keeps cooking utensils at arm’s reach! (via Alexandra Angle)

6. Bakeware Holder ($20): No more stacks of tumbling bakeware, here’s a unique filing system for your tiny space; cookie sheets, muffin tins, cookbooks or cutting boards are kept neat and tidy with this space-saving divider.

7. Magnetic Knife Rack Strip ($20): Save your counter space and ditch the butcher block. This magnetic knife rack easily affixes to the wall, keeping knives organized and out of the way.

8. Hanging Pot Rack ($250): Get vertical! Maximize your cupboard space with a hanging pot rack that lends a culinary sense of je nais se quois to your kitchen.

9. DIY Kitchen Storage Shelf and Pot Rack: No room for displaying trinkets, cookbooks or plants? DIY this dynamic duo: a pot holder and a shelf that is functional design with aesthetic appeal.

10. Wall-Mount Roll Organizer ($49): No more bulky supplies taking up precious drawer real estate. Affix this clever organizer to your wall so that paper towel, tin foil and plastic wrap are always within in reach.

11. Metal Mesh Cabinet Shelf ($19): Put a shelf within your shelf to avoid piling up dinnerware to dangerous heights. This stackable mesh shelf takes full advantage of vertical space.

12. DIY Burner Covers: If you covet counter space in your kitchen, get on this project, pronto! Increase countertop real estate with a functional chopping block that also works as a burner cover for your stove. (via The Kitchn)

13. Immersion Blender ($65): If there is one kitchen gadget that tiny kitchen dwellers can’t live without, this is it. Clear your shelves of bulky blenders and food processors, ‘cause the immersion blender is a multitasking whiz!

14. Foldable Faucet ($880): Quite a head-turner isn’t it? This sleek and innovative design belongs in every small kitchen space. (via Simply Kitchens and Baths)

15. Foldable Dining Table ($299): Pure genius — this table is like folding origami with wood. Fold it out for a dinner party; fold it in half to enjoy coffee or work on your laptop; or fold it away for storage. Talk about multi-purpose… and it looks good, too!

16. Stackable Trash and Recycling Bins ($25): Created with modern living in mind, with these bins, you can collect, organize and recycle garbage in a clever way. The minimalist design allows each bin to nest into the unit beneath it, creating one unified and stackable structure.

17. Sliding Kitchen Cabinets: In a tight space, even the swing of a cabinet drawer can feel intrusive. Outfit your small kitchen with sliding cabinet drawers to maximize space while keeping things classy.

18. Undercabinet and Accent Flexible LED Light Strips ($10): Brighten things up and create a sense of space with easy to use LED light strips. Affix the strips under cabinets or shelving to lighten up food prep or dim as a nightlight once the kitchen is closed. (via InStyle)

19. Floating Shelves: Forego cupboards and create this streamlined look with open shelving. Although, we may have to warn you, this hack is for those of us who are organized!

20. Come Together Collapsible Kitchen: If you can’t open your fridge and the stove at the same time this may be exactly what you need! A purposeful design idea, this was created to work for you and save space. Use the collapsible kitchen as a dining table, countertop or even a cooktop. It basically transforms to your needs. (via Design Boom)

Okay, small kitchen dwellers, fill us in on your space-saving hacks in the comments below.