Forget spending an entire day at the laundromat. Soon, you’ll be able to wash your clothes faster at home… without using any electricity. Pick your jaw up off the floor, and put the washboard away. Because with a few taps of your foot, you will be able to do just that with a five-liter machine called Drumi.


Drumi works with a pedal, and as you push it (real good?), you’re spinning a ball inside the washing machine. That ball contains your clothes along with water and detergent. One cycle can hold three days’ worth of clothes. It’s not super efficient when it comes to washing duvet covers or towels, so you might still be heading back for to the laundromat for those things.


Drumi comes in particularly handy as an alternative to hand-washing your delicates or a portable solution for washing clothes on road trips or long camping getaways. In fact, its ergonomic design makes it easy to lift and store in any wet or dry areas. You can even pedal a load while you’re in the shower.


Obviously, you’ll be cutting down on your electricity bill with Drumi, but you’ll also be using only 20% of the usual amount of water and detergent. Each cycle only takes about three minutes to wash and two minutes to rinse.


This seems like the perfect solution for all of you who operate better on little loads or find yourself re-washing your favorite staples in the sink every week in lieu of hauling a whole sack-o-clothes down to the laundromat and dealing with the whole dreaded process of searching for quarters.

If you’d like to order a Drumi for yourself, it’ll cost you $129 to pre-order until their crowdfunding campaign launches on June 29. You could get it in the mail as early as July 2016.

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