Apart from the usual Halloween scaries, this special time of year is also uniquely full of cuteness. Forget babies and dogs in Halloween costumes (just for a sec), because something just as adorable is about to hit your radar: tiny pumpkin DIYs. Sure, pumpkin carvings aren’t exactly a new thing, but everything is cuter when it’s mini. This year, amp up your aesthetic by including mini pumpkins that are as petite as they are pretty. Check out these 20 tiny pumpkin DIYs.

Confetti Pumpkin DIY

1. Confetti Pumpkin DIY: Check out the bright and sunny look of these confetti pumpkins. Keep the confetti pattern nice and orderly for a more classic look, or use different confetti sizes for a more eclectic style. (via Cloudy Day Gray)

Tragic Ice Cream Cone Pumpkin DIY

2. Tragic Ice Cream Cone: All you need to make this adorable design are two mini pumpkins, some cardboard, markers and a little crafter’s paint. This upside-down ice cream cone design is simply perfect for those who want something a little offbeat for their Halloween decor. (via Martha Stewart)

DIY Tiny Message Pumpkins

3. DIY Tiny Message Pumpkins: Writing messages on your pumpkins is very on-trend, and we’re not sad about it. These cute little pumpkins can display whatever messages you want. Because they are, in fact, tiny, we def recommend one-word phrases like “boo,” “eek” or “spooky.” (via Lovely Indeed)

DIY No-Carve Copper Herringbone Pumpkins

4. DIY No-Carve Copper Herringbone Pumpkins: Looking for a classic, elegant look? These herringbone-patterned painted mini pumpkins are stunning and so simple. Even the stems are painted a gorgeous shade of copper. (via Lovely Indeed)

DIY Donut Pumpkins

5. DIY Donut Pumpkins: There’s nothing bad about donuts and the feelings they inspire: They’re yummy, colorful, bright and playful! Translate these feelings into tiny pumpkin decor for an impossibly sweet treat. (via Studio DIY)

Fanged Pumpkins DIY

6. Fanged Pumpkins DIY: Around Halloween, sometimes you want a little creepy mixed in with the cute. These fanged mini pumpkins are equal parts both. Spoiler alert: These are super simple to make — all you need to do is cut a mouth, wedge in some vampire fangs and use red push pins for the eyes. (via Martha Stewart)

DIY Confetti Dipped Pumpkins

7. DIY Confetti Dipped Pumpkins: Color dipping is completely on-trend, so why not apply the idea to your pumpkin decor? Use gold confetti for the brightest, shiniest look possible. (via Studio DIY)

Emoji Pumpkins

8. Emoji Pumpkins: You could paint emoji on full-sized pumpkins, but tiny gourds are almost MADE for emojis. Find the roundest minis you can find, then paint on the most-often used emoji in your keyboard to best highlight your personality. (via Bustle)

Paint and Glitter Mini Pumpkin DIY

9. Paint and Glitter Mini Pumpkin DIY: Looking for a simple, pretty look? These gorgeous, glittery gourds will do the trick. They’re only lightly glittered, giving them a distinctively classy, upscale look. (via Posh Little Designs)

Funky Ombre Pumpkin DIYs

10. Funky Ombre Pumpkins: This DIY may not feature tiny pumpkins exclusively, but just take a minute to appreciate this offbeat, eclectic look. These shockingly bright ombre pumpkins are fun, upbeat and unrefined, and in mini form would be perfect additions to any brightly colored or bohemian space. (via Funkytime)


11. DIY Mini Tissue Paper Pumpkins: All it takes to make your mini pumpkins a pretty shade of pink is a little tissue paper! Plus, the paper gives them a delicate, girly look that gives off a slightly different vibe than painting. (via Brit + Co)


12: Spell-Binding: Lazy-girl Halloween tip: If you don’t want to paint or carve your pumpkins, you can simply wrap them with some ribbon and call it a day! Case in point: these adorable mini gourds with styled ribbon. (via Good Housekeeping)


13. DIY Cute Faced Mini Pumpkins: These adorable little pumpkins only require a little paint and two branches of succulents for “ears.” Honestly, these would be perfect for any time of year, but they’ll dress up a tablescape very nicely. (via Homey Oh My)


14. Mini Bat Pumpkins: These bats may be scary, but they’re also pretty cute! Just use mini pumpkins, a can of black paint and some pre-made craft wings and eyes. (via Be Different… Act Normal)


15. No-Carve Glitter Pumpkin DIY: For a feminine and classy look, make these elegant glitter pumpkins. Pro tip: Let the glue dry for about 30 seconds before applying your glitter. A tacky consistency is best for creating a good stick without any uneven distribution. (via POPSUGAR)


16. DIY Paint Dipped Pumpkins: Here’s another color-dipped idea for you. Vary the colors for a diverse palette, and throw on some glitter to make ’em next level. (via Ciera Design Studio)


17. DIY Copper Striped Pumpkins: These classy pumpkins are *perfect* for an elegant Halloween decor scheme. Apply copper tape to your mini gourds and place them around the house for the ultimate effect. So easy. So chic. (via Homey Oh My)


18. DIY Mini Pumpkin Florals: Let your pumpkin double as a vase — all you need to do is de-seed your mini pumpkin and create a beautiful fall floral arrangement to go inside. Add a few colorful autumn leaves for even more seasonal vibes. (via Fish & Bull)


19. DIY Mini Pumpkin Planters: Looking for a floral arrangement that’s a little less… flowery? This DIY idea is super simple and big on style. There’s nothing more elegant and minimalist than a clean white mini pumpkin holding an arrangement of earth-green succulents. (via Momtastic)


20. Geometric Pumpkins: These geometric patterned pumpkins are super trendy and perfect for the eclectic, bohemian home. You’ll use a homemade stencil to make these, as well as your chosen fall palette of spray paint. (via Happy Mundane)

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