83 of the Best Dog Halloween Costumes for Your Pooch
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83 of the Best Dog Halloween Costumes for Your Pooch

Halloween only comes once a year and it just wouldn’t be the same without your best friend. That’s why we at Brit + Co want to give you plenty of options when it comes to picking out a costume for your pooch. From funny dog costume ideas (let’s face it, they’re all funny) to the downright adorable, costumes for your dog can give you endless inspo for your other pet Halloween costumes as well. Here are some of our faves.

1. Sport’s Fan: This little schnauzer is repping his home-team this Howl-een. With a pet-sized New York Yankee’s sport’s jersey and a Yankee’s collar, he’s about as loyal a fan as they come!

2. Lion: This golden retriever’s coat matches its lion’s mane so perfectly! Do you think her parents dressed up as her tamer?

3. Hipster Dog: From the glasses to the ‘stache, there’s no mistaking this Frenchie for a hipster-pup. Woof.

4. Caterpillar: This tiny pomeranian is so fluffy she can barely fit into her caterpillar costume! Hopefully she doesn’t grow before next Halloween.

6. Bumble Bee: This poor Frenchie doesn’t look very happy to be in costume. Still, he makes for one adorable bumble bee!

6. Sexy Beast: This is one of the funniest Halloween costumes we’ve ever seen. Between the wig and the underpants, this is truly one sexy beast.

7. Superheroes: These superhero pups look pretty impressive! Robin’s hair is perfectly coifed.

8. Shark: This isn’t just a Halloween costume, it also doubles as an outfit for Shark Week! This pup is quite the devoted fan.

9. Hipster: In case you weren’t smitten with the first hipster pup, here’s another. We are loving his flannel shirt!

10. Pikachu: This poor Boston terrier looks a little worse for wear! We’re guessing he’s not a fan of the Pikachu costume. (via PlayBuzz)

11. Ewok: Ewoks are cute and cuddly to begin with! We can only imagine how much fun it must be to have your very own little fur-ball to cuddle up with.  (via Play Buzz)

12. Yoda: In spite of this being one hilarious Halloween costume, it’s the downtrodden expression on the dog’s face that makes this photo so great. What a great pout on that pup! (via Play Buzz)

13. Seal: This photo is perfect in every single way. If ever there was a dog born to dress up as a seal, this is it. (via Daily Frenchie)

14. Darth Vader: The force is strong with this one! Although, Darth Vader was never this cute. (via Boredom Therapy)

15. Pirate: This pug makes for one well-dressed pirate, right down to the parrot on his shoulder! He should at least feign more interest in his treasure chest, though. (via Makezine)

16. Pup-Cake: This is the sweetest costume we’ve ever seen for a dog! The best part is you can make it at home! (via Lovely Indeed)

17. Triceratops ($12.60): This costume might consist of only a headpiece, but it’s one of our favorites. It fits his little head just like a glove! (via Reel in the Deal)

18. Unicorn: This Japanese dog mom crocheted a unicorn mask for her pooch —and now we need one for every dog in America. (via Makezine)

19. Pin Cushion Dog: How creative is this?! Complete with a thimble! (via BarkPost)

20. Skrillex Dog: Please do this, take a million photos and then tag us in them with #britstagram because we NEED to see all the Skrillex pups. (via Johnny Cheeseburger)

21. Mad Hatter: We can’t. Just, LOL. (via Apartment Therapy)

22. Mouse: No one loves cheese more than Maya, but she’s not allowed to have it. Her owner said she was so happy with the box replica that she wouldn’t leave the box.

23. Oscar the Grouch: The eyebrows are so spot-on. And hey, don’t worry. The dye is made with Kool-Aid. (via Pets Adviser)

24. Frida Kahlo: If this was a person dressed up as Frida Kahlo, it’d be super chic and intellectual. But it’s a dog, and it’s hilarious. (via Apartment Therapy)

25. Instagram: Duh, we love a great tech costume. Maya is killing it behind a mask of her social media weapon of choice… though without eye holes, maybe it’s best she stays put for this one.

26. Grandma: We wouldn’t mind Maya baking us pies if they looked like this. Doesn’t she make a beautiful doting grandma?

27. Katy Perry: We are totally up-to-date on all of the Katy Perry costume possibilities, and trust us: This is one of our faves. Maya is really rocking that bikini top.

28. Mermaid: Maya stuns in pearls and pink. We were kind of hoping for a coconut bra, but she makes up for it with a velvet tail.

29.Bobsled Team: We see pride, we see power, we see a badass dachshund who don’t take no crap off’a nobody. (via Costume Works)

30. Audrey Hepburn: Of course this classy lady took on the look of one of the most iconic movie stars of all time.

31. Woof in Sheep’s Clothing: Please tell us that you’re going as Ralph E. Wolf and your friend is Sam Sheepdog, because you need a little lamb. (via Rebel Wag)

32. Pineapple Dog: So simple + adorbs. His expression is quite shocking. (via Brit + Co)

33. Gnome Dog: We’ve gotta hand it to this new breed of dog costume that uses two-legged optical illusions. They make it look so real. ‘Cause gnomes are real. (via Amanda Zumwalt)

34. Minion: There are so many great weenie dog costumes to choose from, but we think kids will adore (and possibly covet) these stuffed animals that have been hacked into wearable pieces. (via Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund)

35. Harry Potter Dog: Our favorite magician in puppy form? Yes, please! Let’s just hope your dog doesn’t come across any cave trolls on Halloween. (via Thyme Is Honey)

36. The Big Bad Wolf Dog: Why Grandma, what big cotton balls you have! (via Valley + Co. Lifestyle)

37. Baked Potato Dog: SO funny — the pic on the oven door really makes it! Let’s hope he doesn’t go in. (via Pugstumes)

38. Where’s Waldo Dog ($23): Those glasses are incredible. Simple as that. (via Target)

39. Scooby Doo Dog: This has to be one of the easiest costumes for your pooch. Apply Scooby’s signature spots to your dog and throw a blue collar on him/her. The rest is up to you, so get ready to rock a green shirt and reddish pants just like Shaggy ;) (via College Humor)

40. Hershey’s Kiss Dog: What’s sweeter than your fave dog dressed as your fave sweet treat? NOTHING. (via GiveItLove)

41. Star Wars Dog: We’ve seen a lot of dog Star Wars costumes in our day, including a Death Star made from a protective neck cone… but this one is even funnier than that. (via Dressed Up Dog)

42. Banana Split Dog: The banana head is precious. He is looks so sweet.

43. Chia Pet: This looks *almost* like the real thing. Also, how tiny is he? (via BuzzFeed)

44. Teddy Bear Dog: If only these were real animals. Sigh… (via Make)

45. Rainbow Unicorn Dog: As magical as dog costumes get. She looks so hopeful

46. A Bunch of Grapes: Not sure this pooch is super psyched to be a bunch of grapes, but he looks insanely cute! (via Fuck Yeah Boston Terriers)

47. Latte Dog: Coffee is your friend. Just like your dog is. (via Brit + Co)

48. Batdog and Robin: Got two pups? The classic Batman and Robin duo is perfect for these dachshunds. (via Celebrity Dachshund)

49. Pope Dog: One of the funniest dog costumes we’ve EVER seen. He seems holy.

50. Pug-nana: Because, why not? Plus this looks pretty easy to make for yourself. (via Pugstumes)

51. Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke: And onto the pop culture segment of today’s program…! Dogs dressed as Miley Cyrus might be the best thing to come out of Halloween this year. The little buns push us right over the edge.

52. Hot Dog: How can you resist the hot dog pun? He seems pretty pleased with himself. (via Costume Works)

53. Walrus: Feel free to make this your computer wallpaper. It’s that good. (via Apartment Therapy)

54. Harry Potter: Pipe cleaners as glasses and the lightning bolt scar? Genius. These well-coiffed pups would look right at home at Hogwart’s. (via Brit + Co)

55. Rambo: The jungle is RUFF. How did he get his hair like that?! (via Flickr)

56. Big Bad Wolf: Grandmother didn’t stand a chance against this sweet, cuddly wolf. This is TOO good. (via Costume Works)

57. Green Dinosaur: Whether you buy or DIY, this costume is just begging for selfies. This poor guy doesn’t feel the same way. (via Playful Pup)

58. Trick or Treating Ghost: How can you resist that adorable little snout? Boo. (via Cosmoplitan)

59. Thanksgiving Turkey: How timely is this? The whole scene is set so perfectly, we wish Thanksgiving was already here. (via Brit + Co)

60. Girl Scout: I wish we could see a pic of the doggie as a box of Thin Mints, but this costume is still a knockout. Chances are she ate them all. (via Martha Stewart)

61. Captain: All aboard! His little legs can’t reach…(via Celebrity Dachshund)

62. Donut Dog: A donut salesman is now officially a Halloween costume. We bet he loves donuts anyway — the costume practically makes itself. (via This Is Colossal)

63. Dumbo Dog: The ears on this costume are as jumbo as this puppy’s face!  So adorable. (via Flickr)

64. Bacon ($20)– Just make sure your dog doesn’t try to eat himself. Our perfect brunch-time companion.

65. Piñata: Is this made out of pup-er mache? She looks up for anything! (via Refinery 29)

66. Cookie Monster: Gotcha, dog! The real Cookie Monster would never be that patient. (via BHG)

67. Doctor Dog: Who cares about Dr. McDreamy’s exit now? This adorable pug has already stolen our hearts. (via Brit + Co)

68. Lederhosen Dog: Can we talk about the hat on this one?! Amazing. (via Bee’s Corner)

69. French Fry Dog: Please tell us you have a Frenchie so it can be Frenchie Fries. Pretty please? With ketchup on top? (via Cosmopolitan)

70. Lobster Dog: Ummm, this is amazing and hysterical — BUT — make sure you know best practices when it comes to animal-safe dye. (via GiveItLove)

71. Boxing Dog: Huge bonus if you make this costume for your Boxer! Ironic *and* funny. (via Pugstumes)

72. The Big Bad Wolf Dog: Why Grandma, what big cotton balls you have! Both parties seem unimpressed with this. (via Valley + Co. Lifestyle)

73. Firefighter Dog: To the rescue! Wagon + cute kid take this one to the next level. This is perfect if you have several little ones in the fam. (via DIY Network)

74. Strawberry Dog: This is a totally doable DIY. Have fun with it! (via Professor Pincushion)

75. Sushi Dog: You can make the pieces of sushi with pillows. He knows how cute he is. (via EatSleepMAKE)

76. 2001 Bjork Swan Dress Dog: Remember this infamous getup Bjork wore back in the day?! Even though your dog probably doesn’t, you should def dress him/her up as this. Prepare to have to provide a bit of explanation, though, because this one is *not* your average dog costume. (via BuzzFeed)

77. Beauty and the Beast Dog: Required: insanely cute child to accompany insanely cute dog. LOOK AT THIS DOG!(via Costume Works)

78. Pony Dog: This actually looks like a legit horse. Who knew?! (via BuzzFeed)

79. Hermione Dog: Calling all Harry Potter fans: We bet you’ve never seen a dog as Hermione before. (via BuzzFeed)

80. Fairy Princess Dog: My word! This is the prettiest dog princess we’ve ever seen/the only dog princess we’ve ever seen. (via Popsugar)

81. Peacock Dog ($20): Those feathers are so pretty. He doesn’t seem to care.

82. Dolled-Up Dog: Rollers in. Shades on. (via Popsugar)

83. Donald Trump: And finally — this. Even this dog is skeptical. (via Petful)

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