You love ALL things ice cream, amiright? So you fell hard for ice cream rolls and all the cotton candy, unicorn and other magical ice cream trends that have been ruling Instagram. Well, prepare yourself for the new object of your ice cream fantasies — toast boxes. That’s right: Ice cream served up in a box that’s made of toast. The ice cream toast trend originated in Taiwan, and now copycat shops are popping up all over the place. While you’re waiting for one to spring up in your hood, keep on scrolling to get your fill of calorie-free eye candy. Here are 18 Instagrammers whose towering toast boxes are showing the rest of us how it’s done.

1. Tropical Treat: This fruity concoction is just the sugar rush you need to get you through whatever life is throwing at you right now. Bonus points for the presentation — every single element is just so on point.

2. Happy Hybrid: A toast box topped with an ube macaron makes for two trends in one! And the subtle almond flavor of macaron is the perfect pairing for ice cream.

3. Triple Play: This towering display of triple toast boxes makes for one big flavor bomb. And those unicorn marshmallows take it right over the top.

4. Breakfast Bowl: Let’s just take a moment to take in the beauty that is the toast box. Pour on the syrup, scoop up a giant bite… and your taste buds will do the happy dance.

5. Leaning Tower of Yum: You know the leaning tower of Pisa? This is like that… but waaaaaaay more delicious. When it falls, no worries. Just face-plant and be happy.

6. Kitchen Sink Box: Toast box + ice cream + whipped cream + macarons + marshmallow = instant foodie PAR-TAY! There’s just so much sugary goodness going on here, no one will even know where to begin to dig in.

7. Berry Bitty Bonanza: This toast box is like everyone’s fave throwback cartoon Strawberry Shortcake’s house gone WILD. Hop right into the foodie time machine, because these flavors will take you back.

8. Charcoal Toastie: This crispy toast box is made with a scoop of Japanese bamboo charcoal, a food trend that swept Europe last year. Dry and crunchy, it’s perfect for holding in all that chocolate-banana-marshmallow melty goodness.

9. Sweet Serenity: Betcha you’ve never seen toast like this before. One bite of this doughy strawberry ice cream with chocolate sauce will send you to dessert-for-breakfast nirvana.

10. Dueling Scoops: This chocolate and vanilla concoction looks like the best ice cream duo you’ve ever had. Invite a friend to partake, because treats this sweet simply MUST be shared.

11. Hidden Trove: Finally, a toast box that’s been deconstructed! Look at all that Oreo-riffic beauty inside. When these cold, crunchy and sweet flavors come together in your mouth, it’s going to be a real taste explosion!

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It's like heaven😵 #twilightseven #icecreamtoast

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12. Very Berry: Like a tall stack of hot-off-the-grill French toast, this toast box is oozing ice cream and berry compote. Did you lick your phone yet? #lickyourphone.

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🙈好久没吃奶油啦 #macarons #icecreamtoast

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13. Jungle-licious: This Pantone Greenery sugar bomb will have you feeling like you really *can* fly. With the green juice in the background, this whole tableau is utterly Insta-worthy.

14. Chocolate Tidal Wave: This is one bowl you’re supposed to lick, right? As the chocolate melts into the ice cream, the toast box will be holding a creamy pool of delicious chocolate milk.

15. Tall Stack: This brekkie is as tasty to look at as it is to eat. When that maple syrup soaks into this toast box, the sugary-goodness is going to overflow. *Yum!*

16. Funfetti Fun: If you doubted that a toast box could get any better, prepare your jaw to drop. This ice cream cone topped with whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles really takes it to the next level.

17. Charcoal Matcha: Like two trends in one, this charcoal toast box is stuffed with matcha ice cream. This pairing is so good it will send shivers down your spine that aren’t from brain freeze.

18. Ice Cream Castles: This platter is *almost* too beautiful to eat. Before you take a single bite, catch yours on Instagram using your most awesome filter, because no one is going to believe how beautiful it is.

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