We love ALL things colorful, so we’ve fallen hard for the rainbow, unicorn and cotton candy trends that are dominating Instagram right now. From unicorn ice cream and cotton candy cones to fairy floss desserts and rainbow sweets, color-wheel treats are definitely in our wheelhouse (hiyo!). But it’s the super decadent ROYGBIV ice creams that are SOOOO appealing in these dog days of summer. When we’re not cooling down with a rainbow ice cream, you can bet we’re scanning our feeds 24/7 for some refreshing eye candy. Scroll on for 19 of the most outrageous magical ice creams to satisfy all your color cravings.

1. Cotton Candy Ice Cream Cone: This mix of ice cream cone and spun sugar topping is a throwback to every great carnival of your childhood, but today’s combo is so much tastier. Hop in the time machine; this is one treat that’s going to take you back.

2. Love Talk Ice Cream Cone: When vanilla ice cream is paired with fairy floss, the spun sugar melts right into the cone while you eat it. *Yum!* Sweetheart candies and fresh raspberry mix-ins make this one as tasty to look at as it is to eat.

3. Fairy Bread Ice Cream Cone: If you doubted that butter bread with sprinkles could get any better, be prepared for your jaw to drop. This ice cream cone topped with a fairy bread cookie takes it to the next level.

4. Funfetti Ice Cream Cone: Vanilla ice cream gets the rainbow treatment with a shower of funfetti hearts and stars. Holding this baby, your rainbow mani is ready for its Insta-closeup.

5. Unicorn Ice Cream Cone: If you’ve had a fascination with the unicorn poop trend since you first laid eyes on the cookies, this is your summer version. There’s nothing better on a hot day than an ice cold rainbow *swirly*.

6. Unicorn Ice Cream Cone With Toasted Marshmallow: Like two trends in one, this unicorn swirl is topped with a caramelized marshmallow. It’s so good it will send shivers down your spine that aren’t from brain freeze.

7. Unicorn Sundae: Who needs sprinkles when you can top your ice cream with Cocoa Puffs? As the ice cream melts, the waffle cone bowl captures the creamy pool of chocolate milk. This is one bowl you’re supposed to lick!

8. Cotton Candy Ice Cream With Funfetti: This swirl of melting vanilla ice cream is floating on a cloud of fairy floss and sprinkled with funfetti. When all these sweet flavors come together in your mouth it’s a real taste explosion!

9. Cotton Candy Ice Cream Soda: What’s better than an ice cream soda? One that’s topped with fairy floss. They’re dreamy to look at and they go down soooo easy on a hot day.

10. Cotton Candy Chocolate Ice Cream Bar: You’ve never seen an ice cream bar like this before! Take one bite of that spun sugar, vanilla ice cream and chocolate crunchy shell, and you’re in dessert nirvana.

11. Cotton Candy Donut Milkshake: This gorgeous concoction looks like the sweetest breakfast you’ve ever had — for two. Invite a friend, because treats this delicious should be shared.

12. Funfetti Waffle Stack: Better than a waffle cone, this short stack really stands up to all that melting ice cream. And aren’t the funfetti sprinkles to die for? Tell the kids this is what unicorns eat for breakfast.

13. Glitter Topping Ice Cream Bar: When you order your unicorn ice cream, make sure you specify your color of fairy dust. It makes the whole eating experience that much more magical.

14. Cotton Candy Affogato: If you like a little coffee with your dessert, you’re going to love this cotton candy ice cream with a shot of rich espresso. This caffeine-sugar bomb will having you feeling like you really *can* fly.

15. Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich: This princess pink macaron is to die for — so sweet, dense and chewy! Topped with unicorn bark and sprinkles, the whole tableau is utterly Insta-worthy.

16. Rainbow Churro Ice Cream Sandwich: This drool-worthy shot contains all the best food trends in life: Rainbow foods, churros and ice cream sammies. It’s a foodie delight!

17. Unicorn Ice Cream in a Charcoal Cone: Rainbow ice cream looks that much sweeter when it’s served up in a coal-black charcoal cone. The caramel popcorn mix-ins make this soft serve treat something extra special.

18. Fish Cone: Say hello to the season’s hottest ice cream trend, the fish cone — otherwise dubbed the *Taiyaki.* Before you take a single bite, catch this on Instagram using your most awesome filter, because no one is going to believe how beautiful it is.

19. DIY Unicorn Ice Cream: This colorful ice cream trend is here to stay, so bookmark this unicorn ice cream recipe for the future. Those funfetti stars add just the right magical touch. Make a big batch, because kids young and old will scream for this ice cream.

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