Full disclosure: We started curating this roundup for the fellas. After all, the toiletry kit is classically for men and makeup bags are for women. But then we got distracted… and proven wrong. There are just too many travel bags out there for us ladies, so we’ve included options for some self-gifting for the upcoming heart-shaped holiday. But don’t worry, we haven’t totally forgotten the Y chromosome. We just can’t promise we won’t steal those as well.

1. Teacher’s Pet ($28): Class is in now session. The lesson: This bag is the cat’s meow.

2. Lattice Dopp ($50): Organic fabrics printed up with a traditional textile infused with Caribbean and British influences –– we bet you’d never guess that combo would look so good.

3. Monogrammed Dopp ($88): You might think this is just a traditional deodorant carrier, but you are wrong. Its leather pull can be monogrammed with whatever three letters you’d like. We suggest going with your initials.

4. Adirondack Kite ($129): Fleabags is the brand, but this little world traveler feels more at home in The Hamptons than in a roach motel.

5. Pendleton ($66): You know the patterns, and you love them. But taking your favorite Pendleton blanket on the road is a bit cumbersome. Here it is in a more manageable size.

6. West Elm Thomas Paul ($28): The outside is printed with suggested things to put in the pouch. We think toothbrushes, shaving cream, and lotion would also feel at home inside.

7. Oilcloth Bag ($20): Are we going to get down with gingham while we galavant around the globe? You better believe we are.

8. Wink Limited Edition ($36): Similar to TOMS, when you buy one of these limited edition lovelies, Wink gives one to someone else who needs a travel companion.

9. Reverse Denim Dopp ($30): It’s classic. It’s for men. It’s for women. It’s lovely.

10. Illustrated Canvas ($29): Made in Brooklyn, this cartoon case is committed to carried all your real-life, 3D, tangible bathroom supplies.

11. Tembea Set ($35): You think we wake up looking this good? Nah, we’ve got products galore. Three bags are definitely better than one.

12. Bric’s Life ($170): Honestly, you could carry this dandy out on the town as a clutch. But getting your ID out of the foldout might be a bit awkward.

13. Box Shape ($160): This item was hand shaped like a box for a reason. They wanted you to feel like you were opening a present every time you put your hands on it. Surprise! You got a half used tube of toothpaste.

14. Color Block Bag ($48): This is the most subtle form of color blocking we’ve ever seen, and we kind of like it.

15. Harris Tweed ($79): This one’s for the dapper gents and your adorable 80-year-old grandfathers.

16. Wild & Wolf Map Print ($44): We like the idea of taking this on our travels and putting little star stickers on every city and country we’ve conquered.

17. Mini Necessaire ($120): You guys. It has a rose gold zipper. Nothing else needs to be said.

18. Hey Handsome ($60): Coming off an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign, this cheeky Owen & Fred design won’t be available until February. Hello, backorders.

19. Love Bag ($50): It’s stocked with all your traveling essentials, and it’s got a good name.

20. Flatiron Nylon Davie ($60): We couldn’t do a toiletry kit roundup without at least one Kate Spade bag. We’re especially sweet on this one, all tied up in little bow ties.

21. Ikat Upholstery ($68): We put this at the end of our roundup for a reason. It’s limited production. You’re going to want to go and get yours now… before it sells out.

What’s your bag? Let us know in the comments below.