Tom Hardy seems like the kind of guy you just want to have in your life. The actor is incredibly gorgeous, funny and smart, and his love of dogs is beyond words. He also is apparently a really loyal friend, one who doesn鈥檛 back down when faced with a bet. While starring with Leonardo DiCaprio in 2015鈥檚 The Revenant, the two actors entered into a bet which may turn out to be devastating for Hardy.

"The Revenant" - UK Premiere - VIP Arrivals

In an interview with Esquire Magazine, Hardy spilled the beans on his yet-to-be fulfilled bet with DiCaprio. It seems that during filming, the actors wagered on whether or not Hardy would be nominated for an Oscar for his role as baddy John Fitzgerald alongside Dicaprio鈥檚 Oscar-winning performance as American legend Hugh Glass (yes, The Revenant is a true story!). Dicaprio was positive Hardy would get nominated. Hardy said he wouldn鈥檛, but Leo was right and Hardy was nominated, meaning that as the bet鈥檚 loser, Tom would have to get a tattoo completely designed by Leo.

Celebrity Sightings - Bauer-Griffin - 2011

Hardy is no stranger to tattoos, but this one, he says, is very ugly. He鈥檚 delayed honoring the bet, because Leo鈥檚 design isn鈥檛 exactly top-notch. 鈥淗e wrote, in this really sh***y handwriting: 鈥楲eo knows everything,鈥欌 said the actor. He has yet to get the 鈥渄esign鈥 done because even though he asked Leo to rewrite it, it鈥檚 still in this awful handwriting. Plus, where would you even place a tattoo like that?

Obviously, this isn鈥檛 the worst tattoo of all time, but we鈥檙e sure that it won鈥檛 really fit in with all the gorgeous work that Hardy currently has. Maybe if he eventually gets it done, he鈥檒l show us where he put it (we鈥檙e hoping for ribs, TBH).

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