Have you ever been playing on your phone or laptop and wished you could share what you’re doing with the people around you? Or have you been working on something on a device and wished you could let others interact with your screen on a larger surface? If you answered yes to either of those questions, (or if you just like to geek out a little now and then with a new and exciting innovation!) then you need to check out the Indiegogo campaign for TouchPico, an insanely awesome projector that turns almost any surface into a screen that’s both interactive and expandable.

TouchPico is a super small, handheld projector that is basically an Android PC. It connects to your phone, tablet or laptop wirelessly and streams content onto a screen, wall or any flat surface (ceiling included!) It can even project content at a size of up to 80 inches. That’s about as close to bringing Candy Crush to life as we could ever imagine!

The coolest part about TouchPico is that it’s incredibly versatile. Not only is it ideal for the everyday user to stream media content or photos to share with friends, it’s also an incredible tool for businesses to use during presentations, teachers to use for lessons and families to use on the go. With a special stylus pen built to work with this projector, you can even draw on the image being projected to interact with the content via one of thousands of Android applications. Run into a client on the fly? No prob! Pull out the pocket-sized projector, find the content to be displayed on your device and give a fully loaded, professional presentation from anywhere. And with its two-way interaction capabilities, you can even use it to project a Skype conversation on the wall!

TouchPico supports native Android apps, but has the ability to stream from a Mac or PC as well. The company’s latest campaign started on July 27 and runs until August 26. They have currently raised almost $480,000 of their $55,000 goal (and we totally get why!). Snag a TouchPico for yourself today for an early pricing special of $349 and get to projectin’… once the campaign has ended, the product will go up to a retail price of $499. The devices are expected to begin shipping out in October.

Check out this video to see TouchPico in action:

Would you consider investing in this pocket-sized projector? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!