For most of the country, August represents the last few weeks of summer. You’ve gotta make sure to those barbecues in, have one last go at the slip n’ slide, and, naturally, you need to turn your backyard into a movie theater.

Thanks to the pretty ridiculous CineBox Backyard Theaterorour totally awesome hack, now you can!

Weighing in at a mere 20 pounds, the CineBox‘s 220 inch inflatable movie screen is light enough to bring just about anywhere. You know you’ve always wanted to enjoy the art of the cinema in the beauty of the outdoors. Along with the movie screen, this kit includes an LCD Sanyo Projector, DVD player, audio mixer, speakers, cables, and an electric blower to inflate the screen. The kit goes for $3,850 making it a pretty big splurge, even for die hard cinephiles.

Here’s how we’d hack it.

First, get yourself a portable movie screen. We’re going with the Camp Chef 120 inch for $200. This folds up into a convenient carrying case, perfect for car camping.

Next, the projector. There are some adorable super mini projectors out there, but for this kind of scale, we recommend the Optoma Pico Pocket Projector for $322. This projector connects to iPods, iPhones, and anything that can be connected via mini USB or an HDMI cable. The LED light source lasts over 20,000 hours, images are projected up to 120 inches diagonal, and, obis, you’ve got a powerful battery pack.

Finally, sound. Big Jambox to the rescue! The Big Jambox’ll set you back $300 but is sure to provide endless hours of party time, with or without a projector and outdoor movie screen. If you’re planning on taking your show on the road, be sure to check out our hack for making the Jambox even more portable.

That puts us at a grand total of $822! Definitely still a splurge, but much more doable that the CineBox. That being said, huge props to the CineBox for inspiring us to come up with a backyard movie theater hack! :)

Got any DIY drive in hacks of your own? Or questions about this one? Leave us a note in the comments below or say hi on Twitter.