It seems that nowadays, tech advancements are all about exclusivity—being the first, and many times the few, to experience the latest and greatest. But that’s all about to change for audiophiles thanks to Rocki, an affordable, pocket-sized wifi music system with a refreshingly inclusive attitude.

Rocki turns any speaker into a wireless sound system that lets you stream music over a wifi connection from any smartphone. That’s right: Rocki will connect the dots with your existing equipment. The $49 device was designed with 3.5mm or standard RCA audio connectors (aka the most common audio inputs around), so it doesn’t discriminate between low-end, mid-range, or high-quality speakers. Similarly, the Rocki app is being developed for Android, iOS, and HTML5.

Rocki assumes that your home is already tricked out with wifi access, so essentially, all you have to do to spearhead this high-tech transformation is plug the device into your existing stereo system and download the free app. Then you and anyone else with the Rocki app can pump up the jams. Rocki’s social component is exciting, since basically anyone at the party can add to the playlist without sacrificing their personal device as the juke box.

You don’t need to make a ton of space for this wifi receiver. The actual device, called Rocki Play, is small enough to fit in your palm, so it’s totally hideable if you so choose. But why would you want to? The trendy geo-shaped device is beautifully designed and comes in 5 vibrant colors, as well as black.

Its size makes it a breeze to tote, so you can easily plug it into your outdoor speaker system, take it with you to your bestie’s house party, or bounce with it from room to room. Though Rocki suggests a very intriguing proposition of pimping out your house with multiple Rocki Plays, which would enable you to listen to different tunes in different rooms at the same time. With multiple Rockis around your pad, you could be rocking out to Haim over your living room speakers while your roomie twerks to Miley with her bedroom sound system in complete privacy. It’s this universal compatibility—with your sense of style, with your desired dance party destination, with your choice of equipment—that makes Rocki a rockstar device.

Would you rock out with a Rocki? Are there any other high tech music systems that we should know about? What about other advancements in the audio world? Tell us in the comments below!