Those four weeks you spent traveling in Turkey last year were ah-may-zing, but that little trinket you brought back to remind you of your trip just isn’t doing it for you anymore. You’ve tried everything you can to incorporate travel decor into your home and display your souvenirs proudly, but there’s still something missing. Enter cool AF travel tattoos. Traveling is already pretty bad ass, so inking yourself into the lifestyle seems like the logical next step. From the bold and colorful to the daintiest touch of travel, these Instagrammers have wanderlust on fleek.


1. Destination Love: Incorporating your heart’s love for journeying gives this classic plane tattoo a feminine twist. Accessorizing is a must. (via @a_m_i_e_h)


2. Moving Motto: It’s a simple truth of travel, and the placement is totally sexy. (via @melly.wiesinger)


3. A City’s Heartbeat: This is such a clever way to take the skyline of your favorite city wherever you go. (via @kiiaraa.21)


4. Boldly Go: There’s no denying this chick means business with her love of travel. Don’t be afraid to go big and bright with your wanderlust. (via @just.awalkingdisaster)


5. Global Guide: Having the world at your fingertips has never been easier. Putting it permanently on your side sends the message, “Let’s do this.” (via @domtrep)


6. A Pirate’s Life: There is something so rad about a woman rocking an old-school sailor tat. It’s pure salty adventure. (via @ms_kanada)

7. First Class Ticket: A simple line drawing is all you need to instantly transport yourself to your dream vacation. (via @luisalion)


8. The Great Escape: When the travel bug bites, there’s really no other thought. Scribble a sweet note and take flight. (via @emporiumlakeland)


9. Treasure Map Included: Coordinates are right up there with pirate ships and compasses in terms of evoking adventure. Searching for the booty with this design makes this concept a favorite. (via @theadrimarie)


10. Round-trip Negotiable: Stow your tray tables in the upright position, sit back and prepare for your journey to anywhere. Every day becomes a travel day when it’s your state of mind. (via @inkkked_)


11. Not Lost: For the woman who dreams of open roads, busy markets and anything foreign, a wanderlust script says it all. (via @veerabianca)


12. A RTW Wrist: Traveling becomes your heart beat, so keeping the world on your pulse makes living and breathing the journey a reality. (@chantalbeets24)


13. Airy Adventure: Going a bit more whimsical with this up, up and away-styled tattoo is a refreshing take on popular transportation designs. (@laurenmarinaf)


14. Foot Traffic: Once a traveler, always a traveler. It’s an unattainable quest to see it all, but you can’t stop trying now. (@sillylittlething)

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