Now that it’s August we have a serious case of wanderlust here at Brit HQ. There’s something about this last month of summer that makes us want to go on an adventure. If globe-trotting isn’t in the cards for you this month, we found a few ways you can explore the world without leaving your couch. From scratch-off posters to vintage-inspired trays, and baking dishes in the shape of your home state, you’ll feel like you’ve taken a serious trip around the world by the end of this post.

1. Scratch Map ($20): Keep a record of where you’ve been without having little red push pins everywhere. Instead, each time you get back from vacation, scratch the area you’ve just explored off this map.

2. Rifle Cities Desk Calendar ($17): Yes, it feels early to be thinking about next year’s calendars, but we just can’t resist this desktop version from Rifle with hand-drawn maps of our favorite locales.

3. City Love Prints ($15): Pick your favorite metropolis and celebrate your love for it with these delicately detailed gocco drawings. Each features a couple in love under red umbrellas.

4. Hand Embroidered Country Pillows ($158): You can be reminded of your favorite places in your favorite country (or state) with these beautifully embroidered throw pillows.

5. The Fifty United Plates ($75): One of our favorite recent projects on Kickstarter, these state-shaped dishes are perfect for showing your hometown pride. We’re just torn between the states we grew up in and showing some California love.

6. Scape Magazine Holder ($50): Country folks and city dwellers alike will be able to organize their favorite magazines in this high-rise, cut-out holder.

7. Repurposed Vintage Suitcase Side Table ($125): Dream of far-off adventures by using this vintage suitcase table as a nightstand.

8. Road Trip Jar Bank ($10): What’s the best way to save your spare change? In a road trip bank, of course! We can feel the wind in our hair already.

9. State Tables ($198): If you want to make a bigger statement about your birthplace, go for one of these state shape tables. You can choose between a 13-inch coffee table or a 18-inch side table.

10. United Scents of America Candles ($26): We have to admit, we’re slightly worried about what the New York candle smells like—hopefully it’s not based on the smell of New York City…in the summer. What would your state’s signature scent be?

11. Wanderlust Art Print ($24): Have a serious case of wanderlust? Let people know with this colorful map and letter die print. We think it would make a great addition to a front hallway.

12. British Flag Needlepoint Pillow ($110): Perfect for the Anglophile, this Union Jack needlepoint pillow is just what your reading chair or sofa needs. If you’re less overt about your love of all things British, there’s also a blue and green version.

13. Countries Cutting Boards ($48): If you’re partial to cheese from a certain region of France, you should definitely be serving it on the France-shaped serving board. If you’re more into Italian varieties, there’s an option for that, too.

14. The New York Times 36 Hours ($40): Carry the travel theme all the way to your coffee table books with this compendium from The New York Times. It gives you a great guide to 150 cities in the United States and Canada. Plus, it’s beautifully bound.

15. Vintage Subway Signs (from $199): If part of your love of travel is with transportation, you’ll need one of these vintage subway rolls in your home. They are pricey because they are rare. You can also find prints and posters of your favorite stations, if you’re looking for a budget option.

16. Globe Mirror Set ($44): 3D globes are overdone. Show of your worldly savvy with these globe mirrors. Each one gives a different world view.

17. World Map Typographic Wall Decals ($75): This combines two of our favorite things—maps and typography—in a beautiful wall decal that makes a definite statement in your home.

18. Rosanna Inc Voyage Trays ($6–$34): Stash your keys by the door, your jewelry by the kitchen sink, and your spare change on your nightstand with these travel-themed ceramic trays. They’re beautiful and functional.

What’s your favorite piece of travel-themed decor? Do you display souvenirs from your trips? Tell us in the comments!