Scrapbooks are a wonderful way to keep travel memories, but they are also a lot of work and sometimes get forgotten in the bookshelves. If you’re looking for some creative ways to show off your travels that are a little more obvious and maybe even useful, check out these 15 DIY projects. They’re quick and easy and give you the perfect opportunity to constantly bring up your trips in conversation. From a catch-all bowl right by the front door to a wall of postcards, these DIYs will remind you of your favorite summer trips all year long.

1. Travel Boxes: Show off every city or country you’ve been to while adding some fun bits of color to your elegantly styled bookcase. Once you’ve painted the box and stenciled the place, all you have to do is dump all those travel bits and pieces into the box — no time-consuming scrapbooking here. Everyone will have a good time sifting through the box and recalling favorite memories. (via Martha Stewart)

2. Catch-All Bowl: Not sure what to do with all those memorable brochures? Decoupage them on a bowl or tray so you can be reminded of your best memories every time you grab your keys. (via Woman’s Day)

3. Keepsake Jars: Grab a couple glass jars and recreate your vacation with a photo, some pieces collected during the trip and a souvenir or two. If you were at the beach, sprinkle in some sand and shells or add rocks and sticks from your camping trip. (via Woman’s Day)

4. Polaroid Coasters: Add a bit more meaning to your collection of coffee table coasters by printing out your favorite Instagram memories and glueing them onto coasters from the dollar store. Cover everything with Mod Podge to keep them from getting damaged and get ready to reminisce every time a you sip on a cocktail. (via Darkroom and Dearly)

5. Ticket Collage: Does anyone keep every ticket stub from their travels? From all those plays, train ride and subway adventures, you’re likely to come home with a hefty handful of tickets. Create a collage and blow them up to create a bigger pattern if you really want a statement piece of art. (via Design Sponge)

6. Word Garland: Banners are such a fun way to add artwork to the room without actually hanging any art. With a letter garland like this, you can make any word you want, whether it’s a favorite place you traveled or that song you got stuck in your head during that epic road trip. (via How Did You Make This)

7. Embroidery Map: Anyone going on a road trip this summer? Instead of just scribbling out your route with pens and stickers, make the trip truly artsy by embroidering the route. It’s a little time consuming, but it’s the perfect project to work on while catching up on some Netflix. (via Sadie Seasongoods)

8. Mug Display: If you collect something awesome like mugs or keychains on every trip you take, make a special wall of hooks to show them all off. Is it just us, or does everything displayed on a pegboard instantly become a quirky, eclectic art display? If you didn’t collect mugs already, this DIY might inspire you to start on your next trip. (via Her Campus)

9. Shadow Box Drawer: A shadow box drawer is much more versatile than an ordinary shadow box since it can be customized to fit your decor and can be as big as you need it to be to show off your travels. A cork-lined drawer with a map makes it easy to mark where you’ve been, and there’s plenty of room to display your collection of treasures. (via Everyday Dishes)

10. Travel Binder: Part scrapbook and part journal, this travel binder is layered with everything from drink coasters to plane tickets. You can add in little bits of journaling and notes by writing on washi tape and putting the notes directly onto the photos. (via Kelly Purkey)

11. Postcard Wall: Postcards are cheap and colorful souvenirs that have a lot of visual interest, especially when displayed altogether. With a hole punch and some string, you can make colorful rows of images from places far far away. (via Espresso Moments)

12. Souvenir Magnets: These magnets are made with pebbles from a camping trip, but the possibilities here are unlimited. Glue little magnets to the backs of foreign coins, shells from the beach or any other little treasures you pick up along the way. (via I Love DIY)

13. Chalkboard Map: Draw out the states or the whole globe on a piece of chalkboard and have fun filling in each place you visit this summer. (via Etsy)

14. Christmas Ornaments: Commemorate each of your travel destinations with its own mini tag on the Christmas tree. Maps are a fun and simple way to keep track of your trips, not matter how many countries you’ve checked off your bucket list this year. (via Blue I Style)

15. DIY Travel Journals: Get your kids started journaling early with these DIY journals. They are easy enough for kids to help make, and they can write or draw the things they see during your adventures. (via Momtastic)

How do you show off your travel memories? Share your ideas in the comments below!