Let us tell you a story about what happened when we were recently doing some online Christmas shopping. After scrolling through some seriously covetable gift guides, we found ourselves in the online fashion wonderland that is ASOS. And while we may have started in the gift section, we obviously ended up checking out the women’s department. Because everyone knows that gift shopping inevitably turns into a “one for you, one for me” type of situation. After drooling over NYE dresses and perfect winter booties, we came across something that made us question whether or not our eyes were playing tricks on us. We’re talking about this pair of dual toned mom jeans, guys.


After realizing that we didn’t actually need to schedule an emergency eye exam, we did a deeper dive into the unconventional look to determine whether this was the result of an ASOS designer gone rogue or something that should actually be on our radar. It turns out dual toned pants also made an appearance multiple times during Proenza Schouler’s Spring 2015 runway show.


We can’t say we’re convinced just yet, but then again it took us awhile to come around to things like cape coats and overalls, and now we can’t get enough.

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(Photos via ASOS and Catwalking/Getty)