With the holidays swiftly approaching, the amount of money in our bank accounts seems to be dwindling faster than cookies at a holiday party. And with your Christmas shopping list only getting exponentially longer, the whole money situation can be a little intimidating. If you want to spoil your friends and family this Christmas while also keeping your bank account alive, try these six solutions to make a little extra cash this season.

1. Task Rabbit: This one is perfect for the Jack (or Jill) of all trades. Roll up your sleeves and become a handy(wo)man for the day, clean some houses or maybe help with some gift wrapping.

2. Sell at Maker Fairs: Do you secretly spend most your evenings getting your DIY on? Why not use your talents to supply others with handmade Christmas goodies? Reserve a booth at your local flea market or use this handy website to find an upcoming craft show near you.

3. Fiverr: Are you a business consultant? A graphic designer? A musician? Whatever your skill, you can post a gig through Fiverr. Once someone responds, Fiverr will notify you and help you conduct a safe transaction through their escrow service.

4. MoveLoot: Have a couple of pieces you’ve been meaning to haul over to Salvation Army? No need. Download MoveLoot’s app and take a few pics of the furniture you’re looking to get rid of. They’ll come and pick it up and sell it for you. You literally don’t even need to leave your house.

5. Urban Sitter: Get back in touch with your favorite teenage gig for holidays. Create a profile on Urban Sitter’s site and input your availability and rate. Wait for a family to request you, or you can be proactive and browse and respond to listings that are already posted.

6. GetAround: Have a car you don’t use all that often? List it through GetAround and let others in your neighborhood rent it out for an hourly (or daily) rate. If you’re worried about leaving your car in the hands of a total stranger, you can rest easy knowing that GetAround comes with a million dollar insurance policy.

How are you making extra cash this holiday season? Share with us in the comments below.

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