Rideshare apps are a glorious thing, and using them is basically second nature by now. Uber is continuing its world domination with a new feature that really might change the way you ride in the future: The tech giant has introduced Uber Family Profile in Atlanta, Dallas and Phoenix today, with plans to roll it out to other cities soon.


Here’s how it works: The account holder has to make sure he or she has the latest version downloaded, and then from there it’s on to “settings” and “add family profile.” (You might need to help your parents do this.) Up to 10 contacts can be added to the same card by just selecting that person’s name from the menu.

After the additional person has been added, an acceptance email is sent, and once that’s confirmed, you’re all set to ride on mom and dad’s credit card! No, but really — it’s a great way for college kids to be safe and always have a “free” ride home in any sort of situation. That means no excuses when it comes to your personal safety, which is always a plus.

Anyone can be added as a “family member,” too, not just your immediate blood relatives. It might also be a good place for you to help out a really trustworthy friend or neighbor in financial need — perhaps someone who doesn’t have funds or access to a car or public transportation. Just be forewarned — the originator of the family account is the one who gets the receipts, just like Uber’s Business Profile, so it’s unlikely your parents won’t see that ride home from the pizza place at 4am. #oops

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