Everyone’s Instagram feeds got a lot more colorful this week when Starbucks released their limited edition color-changing Unicorn Frappuccino. The drink is pink and blue, sweet and sour, and topped with whipped cream and “fairy powders.” If you’ve been lucky enough to snag one of these rainbow dreams, you also probably know that its primary ingredient is, in fact, not magic, but… sugar. So Reebok trainers Pete O’Donnell and Ally Leard came up with a series of movements that are guaranteed to help you burn off some of those ~410 calories of sparkly goodness to feel like a unicorn, inside and out.

Says O’Donnell, “Even as a trainer, I still have my guilty pleasure foods. And that’s okay; we all deserve to indulge every once in a while. But do you really want your morning coffee to be your indulgence for the day?” In order to work off the Unicorn Frappuccino, O’Donnell and Leard suggest the following moves. Warning: This workout isn’t for the faint of heart and requires some serious sweat dedication. But if you can down an entire hyper-colored coffee beverage, we’re sure you can take on this challenge. Happy unicorning!

Half-Mile Lunge

100 Mountain Climbers

75 Kettle Bell Swings

50 Push-Ups

50 Burpees

 1000 meter Row

75 Sit-Ups

100 Double-Unders

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(Photos and GIFs via Reebok, featured photo via Starbucks)